Cops debased – part 5

The nightclub was empty and lit with harsh fluorescent as the two police officers were dragged into the space. They had no idea of how long they had been held in the basement but the activity around them indicated that things were being prepared for the evening’s business. Bartenders were stocking up their supplies and cleaners moved among the tables with industrial vacuums. No one batted an eyelash or showed any interest in the two burly men; naked apart from bulging diapers, their arms held high up their muscular backs with leather straps, their only communication in grunts and whistles from behind the huge ball gags strapped into their mouths.

Officer John Evangelou knew that they were being taken towards the large cages that were suspended above the dance floor. He’d seen the terrified occupants of these display pens the night before and now knew that he and Ricky faced the same fate – a night of being jeered at by the club’s denizens as they helplessly soiled themselves with no way to hide or prevent the humiliation. His mind went back to the night before when he’d been forced to piss himself, take a dump in his uniform, and then orgasm in front of the baying crowd while they watched in glee as his ordeal was broadcast on giant screens and echoed around the club.

Even as he considered this his face grimaced as he actively clenched his arsehole in order to close the rubber expander lodged therein. As soon as he relaxed his sphincter the plug would gently open him up and he knew that it was only a matter of time before it became an effort to maintain any semblance of continence. He looked across at his partner and realised that, if he looked the way that Ricky Hernandez did right now, they were both in a lot of trouble.

Shorter than John, but wider and hairier, Ricky was visibly sweating as he waddled uncomfortably behind the goon who held the leash attached to his collar. The huge diaper, with the evil addition of the solid insert, meant that Ricky was unable to stand up straight or bring his legs together and so shuffled cumbersomely along, his brow furrowed as he too had to clench in order to maintain control of his sphincter. The fact that both men were forced into a wide-legged squat didn’t help them in their endeavours to remain master of their own bodies.

Suddenly, as John watched, Ricky attempted to break for freedom. He reared back; taking the goon who was leading him by surprise and jerking the leash out of his hands. Screaming into the enormous ball gag Ricky attempted to take off across the club toward the door where they had both entered their ordeal yesterday. The hapless officer crabbed his way across the dance floor but was quickly caught by the hired muscle and dragged to the ground. The Manager watched impassively as this occurred and then approached the two policemen as Hernandez was dragged back to his feet.

“That was very silly of you.” He tapped his lip thoughtfully. “I think we need to punish you for your misplaced exuberance, but… how?…”

“Oh! I know! – Those bulky diapers are all well and good but they do leave some things to the imagination and we don’t want that for you now do we? I want everyone to know everything that’s happening to you without any doubt whatsoever. Boys!” He clapped his hands together gleefully “Fetch the special speedos!”

Officer Evangelou then had to helplessly watch as a screaming Ricky was bundled to the floor and the diaper ripped off him. He got a chance to see the tip of the expander but was more concerned when he saw the wiring that was wrapped around Ricky’s balls and cockhead and that disappeared into Ricky’s hairy butt. His partner was then wrangled into a pair of extremely stretchy, shiny briefs that clung to him like a second skin. A metal bar with cuffs at either end was produced and Officer Hernandez’ knees were forced apart and then secured so that he remained unable to stand upright when he was finally hauled back to his feet; panting with the effort of trying to resist the henchmen’s ministrations.

The Manager was as good as his word. Nothing was left to the imagination and John could clearly see the outline of Ricky’s – quite sizeable – dick; showcased by the glistening stretchy material. As Hernandez was turned away to be led, waddling, to the cage designated for him, John took in his fellow officer’s bubble butt; now highlighted in sparkly skin-tight Lycra. His heart went out to his partner. He knew that they would ultimately be taking a big dump in front of people in the cages but, for Ricky, there was nowhere to hide and his would be the more obvious loss of bodily function. Even as he thought this he, again, grunted softly as he re-clenched his butt to close the reviled expander.

One of the birdcages was lowered and Ricky was forced into in and the door locked. At the last instant, the goon managing this reached out and removed the gag from Ricky’s mouth. Officer Hernandez gulped in air and groaned as feeling returned to his jaws.

About 10 feet away John Evangelou was being locked into his own cage and he too found himself able to speak again. He had become aware that he needed a piss and that his guts were starting to feel a bit full from all of the paste they had been force-fed earlier.

“Please! Let us go! This is kidnap!” His cries fell on deaf ears as the cages were hoisted up to a height of about 8 feet above the dancefloor.

The Manager shouted to his team,

“Right! We open in ten minutes everyone and there’s a massive queue. It seems that word of you two has gotten around” He smiled cheerfully and removed a small object from his trenchcoat pocket. With a flourish, he raised it up and pressed two buttons on it. Immediately both Ricky and John reacted. Ricky felt an intense tingling around his cock and balls and John’s gut lurched heavily.

“I think it’s best to give them a warm welcome – they want to know you’re pleased to see them after all” he gestured and music flooded the club and the lights went down. Both John and Ricky were illuminated by spotlights on their cages. Evangelou called across to Ricky,

“Hang in there Rick – someone will see this and call for help!” Ricky’s quizzical look told him everything he needed to know – the music was too loud for him to be heard. His need to urinate and now also to poop had increased exponentially since the Manager had pressed those buttons on his mysterious device. Looking across the gap he could see Ricky’s panicked face and it took no effort to see that his partner’s dick was fully engorged and tenting the sparkly briefs obviously. He forgot to clench his butt for a second and a heavy fart, only barely muffled by the confines of the diaper, escaped him.

The doors had clearly opened. People swarmed into the club; heading straight for the bar and straight for the two exposed cops in the cages. Ricky closed his eyes in mortification as another surge of stimulation ran the length of his dick – causing it to jerk and throb in the tight confines of the speedos. Because of the height of the cage and the fact that he couldn’t stand upright, due to the knee spreaders, his priapic cock was on full display for those below him. He cried out as another surge hit him and he wrestled with his shackles in a vain bid to get his hands free and cover this embarrassment. The fact that all of the patrons were men and that they were leering so obviously at his manhood added an extra layer to his degradation and his face flushed red with embarrassment. Even worse he could feel the need to cum getting stronger by the second and realised that he was panting heavily and sweating like a pig.

Across the way John was also in his own private hell. As the men surrounded his cage he found himself squirming uncomfortably as the need to piss grew exponentially more demanding. Unable to close his legs to gain relief and, aware that he was jiggling around obviously, the muscular officer locked eyes with a member of the crowd and shouted,

“Please! Help us! We’ve been kidnapped! We don’t want to do this! Call the Police!”

The crowd member laughed and shouted back,

“You ARE the Police!” Men around him found this hysterically funny and pounded the patron on the back while cat-calling the powerless officer.

“Nice dancing!” another one chimed in, in response to John’s ever-more frenzied squirming. He forgot to bear down on the expander and a gargantuan fart erupted from the folds of his crinkly diaper. This one was heard by those men standing around his cage and much cheering ensued. Evangelou’s cheeks burned red but he was unable to help himself as he felt a spurt of urine force its way out into the soft, puffy, fabric of the diaper. His bowels now felt ridiculously full and he had to groan with the effort to maintain control of the expander in his butt and keep his arsehole clenched shut.

The struggle to restrain both bodily functions was exhausting and the poor officer finally lost the battle and began wetting his diaper in front of the baying crowd. He had hoped it wouldn’t be obvious but the reactions of the men below him told him that his predicament was as plain as day. He peed and peed and peed – copious volumes of dark yellow urine were soaking into the diaper; bloating and staining it to the obvious enjoyment of those watching his distress. He felt that he might never stop, such was the urge to piss, and squatted helplessly as the warm, wet garment slowly became heavier and heavier.

All the while this was happening Officer Evangelou was struggling to keep his sphincter clenched around the expander. With the relaxation of his bladder; his bowels were also ready to empty and it was all he could do to keep up the fight. The, now massive, diaper sagged low on his hips as he bent low in the cage and fought to keep control.

“Help me! I’m shitting myself!”

John looked across at his partner for moral support but Ricky was lost in a haze of priapic lust – pre-cum flowing in rivers down his tented shiny briefs and staining them as the crowd around his cage egged him on to a gushing orgasm.

“Please someone! Ohhh! Nggguh!” John unclenched and, in the brief moment that it took for him to curb the flow, he felt a massive turd pass through the expander and push its way out into the wet diaper. The reaction from below told him that this hadn’t gone unnoticed – the crowd went wild as the back of his diaper distended under the weight of the enormous bowel movement. He noticed that a couple of the men had pulled their dicks out and were wanking furiously even as he lost control again and deposited another thick coil of shit into his sodden diaper. John felt the warm poop testing the limits of the swollen garment and entering every crack and crevice; nestling up and under his balls even as the diaper ballooned disgustingly around his loins.

“Please help me! I can’t… Nggguh…” No longer able to apply sufficient pressure on the expander; Officer Evangelou lost the fight. He helplessly squatted, frog-like, as the biggest dump he’d ever taken relentlessly pushed its way out into the bloated diaper. He tried to look away as below him men jismed onto the dance floor or cheered and congratulated him for his failure to hold his own shit. Inexorably he filled the vile garment; feeling the warm dump coat the insides of his thighs and continue to move around to fill every available space.

When he finally stopped crapping himself Officer Evangelou remained still with his head bowed low and tears sparkling in his eyes. He was utterly debased and exhausted and didn’t dare move in case the diaper, now definitely at capacity, lost its own fight to contain the disaster he’d created and started emptying his waste down his legs.

Cheers across the way told him that Officer Hernandez had succumbed and, sure enough, John looked up just in time to watch his colleague arch his back and pump wave after wave of cum into his sparkly, skin-tight briefs. The crowd went crazy.

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