Cops Debased part 3

After what seemed like an eternity both officers finished evacuating their bowels into their stuffed uniform pants. The stench was overpowering and both men were sweating profusely. Kneeling upright, Ricky could feel his shit coating his muscular butt all the way up to the belt of his pants and his balls were nestling in the load uncomfortably. His dick was still hard and tenting the front of his pants obviously and the straps of the straitjacket were the only thing holding the enormous bulge at his rear in place.

He watched as Officer Evangelou wearily sat up into a kneeling position and noted that his partner had been worse off because of his position, bent double, at his colleague’s crotch area when the explosion had occurred. It was evident that John’s load had spread much further up his groin and Ricky could just make out the tip of John’s erection straining the fabric that was packed full of excrement in the front of his pants. Again, it was only the hated straitjacket straps that held the disgusting package in position. John’s face showed the torment he was in, sweat and tears streaking the grime on his pained expression, his eyes glazed over with exhaustion. Still tethered to the wall Ricky Hernandez couldn’t even waddle over to comfort his colleague but could only look on at Officer Evangelou’s expression slowly went blank – the beefy cop retreating inward in shamed humiliation at his vile predicament.

“Uh, buddy – you ok?” No reply.

Policemen who work together for a lengthy period, and work well together, learn to know each other really well and Hernandez and Evangelou had been partners for many years. Ricky Hernandez had seen John Evangelou in this state before, only once, and he knew what was going on in his colleague’s mind. John had shut down in order to deal with the enormity of his predicament. He was, in short, in shock. The only other time Ricky had seen this behaviour was during a particularly nasty drug bust where a family with kids had been involved and it had taken John Evangelou the best part of a day to process his own horror at what he had witnessed in order to come to terms and come back to the world.

Ricky, who loved his partner in ways he couldn’t elaborate if you asked him, had been the strong guy that time and he sensed that he would need to be that guy again in this particular fix where John had tried so hard to make everything ok only to have lost at the crucial moment. 

“Dude, are you with me?” Ricky asked, knowing the answer. John Evangelou knelt in front of his partner soiled, stained, and debased to extremes and with a glazed look in his eyes that told Officer Hernandez that his best buddy, and the man with whom he trusted his life, had checked out for a spell. 

Officer Hernandez, while assessing the much-damaged scene in front of him, was becoming more and more aware of his own situation. He could feel the overheavy mess of his own shameful incontinence behind him; pulling his briefs and pants taut and warming his butt crack and balls. His own dick was still throbbing against the fabric of his uniform and he was increasingly aware of the need to rub one out in order to gain relief. This feeling was intensifying with each second that passed and, as he watched, his buddy started quietly and slowly to hump, almost abstractly, against his own trousers as he underwent the same sensations.

Ricky made a decision and turned his back on his suffering partner and headed in a clumsy waddle towards the wall and the dog leash that held him trapped. He started afresh to try and remove the spring-laden catch with his teeth and, for several minutes the only sound ringing around the cell was that of metal upon metal. Officer Evangelou said nothing during this time although his rhythmic bucking to gain relief for his engulfed dick was increasing by the moment.

Finally, sweat coursing down his face, Ricky cried out in relief as the catch gave and he was able to tear the lead away from the wall. His need to orgasm was overwhelming and he was having difficulty maintaining any sense of focus as he pushed his hips hard to try and get friction on his priapic member from within his fouled uniform, all the while acutely aware of the constant shifting and squelching of his hot load. Knowing that he was wasting precious time but unable to concentrate on anything but his desperate desire to cum, Ricky threw himself face down on the floor and began grinding his dick against the hard stone, the effluent in his briefs now moving freely around his balls and shaft. He was grunting and groaning out loud as he furiously humped the floor directly in front of his partner who was still absently thrusting to achieve his own release.

The cell reverberated with the grunts and moans of the two hapless officers, punctuated with the noisome sucking and squishing as the men’s bowel movements were pushed to new contours in the confines of their fabric prisons.

Mindlessly Ricky Hernandez screamed out his relief as he came in his underwear, pumping wave after angry wave of semen into the mess engulfing his cock. His entire body shuddered violently and he subsided and lay for a moment spent on the hard floor, small after-tremors twitching at his defiled form, the bloated rear of his once proud uniform no longer even resembling its original colour but stained foully from his own expelled wastes. As his hoarse panting finally lessened Officer Hernandez could hear his colleague’s grunts, and squelches, from above his prone position.

With an effort he got back up to a kneeling position and faced Officer Evangelou squarely. The look on John’s face told Ricky that he was still out of it and so, taking a deep breath and steeling himself, Ricky knelt low in front of his friend and started trying to undo the crotch straps on his straitjacket just as Evangelou had tried for him earlier. As he bent down he could feel the bulge in the rear of his uniform compact and spread even further and his balls were enveloped uncomfortably by his waste. He pushed his head into John’s groin, trying not to breathe in and ignoring the feeling of his buddy’s dick against his cheek and the way that John’s bowel movement moved and moulded around his face; held away from his skin only by the stained fabric.

He got a grip on one of the straps with his teeth, sweat dripping down and stinging his eyes. The situation was truly repugnant; Ricky’s partner was now thrusting against his face to gain relief but he had to soldier on if they were to get free in time and affect an escape. 

Suddenly, and with no warning, Ricky felt warm wetness against his skin. He was shocked to realise that John was pissing himself and the hot urine was flooding into his pants and running down Ricky’s face. Ricky gagged and threw himself to one side, landing awkwardly on his soiled butt and causing his filth to escape his briefs and ooze down the back of his legs and around his crotch. He looked up at Officer Evangelou in horror but John’s face remained vacant as he pissed his pants, the wetness mixing with his turds and creating a brown stain as it coursed down his sturdy thighs.

“Shit man! You could’ve warned me – that was gross!” Ricky realised that there was no way he would be able to put his face near that mess without throwing up so he decided to change tack and lumbered noisily around behind Officer Evangelou’s chunky frame. There were three horizontal straps holding the abhorrent straitjacket in place and two further buckles that kept the arms in position. Ricky decided to start with the buckle at John’s neck and work down the back of the jacket. This decision was borne out in part because he really didn’t want to venture anywhere near his partner’s butt, which even now was tensing rhythmically as he sought to achieve an orgasm.

The major problem that Ricky had was that John was taller than him so he had to suck it up and waddle in close to John, practically spooning him in order to reach the neck strap. He groaned inwardly as he felt his dick squish into the mess in the back of Evangelou’s pants, his own load moving around and compressing in the front of his uniform. Ricky grabbed the top strap in his teeth and began to tug at it to loosen it. It was harder than the crotch straps as it was a thicker piece of leather but he started to feel it give a little as he worked it.

Up against him he could feel John’s thrusting and hear his absent groans and Ricky realised that he was slowly developing a fresh hard-on as his partner’s butt bumped and pushed against his cock. 

“Uh, John, try not to push against me so much dude, I reckon I’ve still got some of that injection running around in my system and it’s making this hard. Like, literally man.”Ricky appealed to his colleague. 

“Must, uh, come… Can’t help it…” Ricky’s heart soared to hear his buddy speak again. 

“Ok buddy – we’ll just have to do what we’ve gotta do – welcome back man!”. Ricky was by now massively erect again and, as he bit down on the strap at John’s neck he found himself shoving his dick up against the loaded butt of his friend, in counterpoint to John’s own thrusts in front of him.

Both men were heading for orgasm and their breathing became more and more laboured as Ricky tried hopelessly to maintain some composure and keep wrangling the strap free. For John Evangelou the sensations in his dick were all-consuming and the insistent prod of his partner’s erection in his butt were making things even more erotic. Sweat streamed down his face and his eyes rolled back as he lost himself in his repeated pumping.

Ricky Hernandez managed to get the top strap free. He knew he should back up and reposition himself to attack the next strap down on his partner’s broad back but he couldn’t tear himself away and kept on humping his buddy, his face red with shame and embarrassment as he saw himself, rutting like a dog, pounding his cock up against his partner’s muscular butt in spite of his shit-filled pants.

John shook violently in his bonds and cried out as he finally reached the point of no return and began unloading his thick, ropey jism into his briefs, pumping his hips furiously and causing Ricky to wobble precariously behind him even as he continued to plug away at his partner’s meaty arse. Officer Evangelou’s orgasm lasted a good 30 seconds and then he slumped forward, spent, crashing to the floor. Ricky Hernandez lost his balance and went with him and so it was that they ended up with John lying prone and exhausted face down on the concrete and Ricky sprawled on top of him.

Now that he had shot his load John was acutely aware of his partner’s weight on him and the way in which he was rubbing and grinding against his arsehole, fucking his butt cleft.

“Ricky! Please stop this!” John was too weakened to buck Ricky off him and so could only lie there, futilely protesting, as Hernandez humped to his own noisy orgasm up against his friend. Both men lay still, breathing heavily. Their uniforms were now completely beyond salvage.

Still the cameras filmed them silently.

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