I live in a trailer park in the California desert… before you get all judgmental on me, it’s a beautiful park, no kids, stunning mountain views with well-kept trailers and neat gardened lots.  Some of the trailers are vintage restored ones as well which gives the park a great “retro” feel.    I retired from the military a couple of years ago when I was 45 and now do consulting work for the Marine Corps.  This location gives me easy access to Camp Pendleton and 29 Palms where I do most of my work.   I paid cash for my trailer which had just been nicely renovated and the low cost of living allows me to travel whenever and wherever I want.   But I digress…

I’m gay but keep a low profile, I actually came out to my commanding officer when I was 19 and we had an ongoing affair for several years.   I’m 6’4”, and 230 lbs of solid muscle,  I still keep my military “high and tight” haircut, so pretty much nobody screws with me.

My next door neighbor is a local cop.   He’s about my same age and height, but more the “tall lean guy” type, and quite handsome. I’ve had the hots for him ever since I moved in six months ago.   He’s cordial but not overly friendly, pretty much keeps to himself.  I’ve never seen any women around, he never appeared to be gay, but I didn’t know for sure.

Because the backs of our trailers are fairly close to each other, I can see into  parts of his trailer if he leaves his blinds open.  We also have abutting back patio areas for trash cans, storage, bikes, laundry, etc.

I became obsessed with watching him when he was home. Inside he tends to run around in just his briefs and a white t-shirt.  J C Penney briefs with the black and gold striped waistband. Obviously what he wears under his uniform each day.   That gave me a boner right away, because it’s the same brand I’ve worn since being a kid. He has a great tan and a dark furry chest that really sets off the white underwear…

He’s often shirtless outside working on his trailer, generally takes his t-shirt off and throws a pair of gym shorts on over his briefs. Whenever he’s outside working on his trailer or garden, I always find an excuse to be outside working on mine so I can watch him.  Often that telltale black gold striped waistband of his JCPenney briefs slides above the gym shorts.  I had noticed in the past few months that they have been getting dingier, and on a couple of pairs the waistband has started to pull apart from the rest of the briefs.   I could only imagine how good those things smelled and looked inside…  I’m sure I jerked off 100s of times to the thought of his dirty, sweaty underwear…

Because his driveway is between our two trailers, I pretty much know when he comes and goes.  One night he came home a bit later than normal from his shift, it was probably around 9pm and saw that he pulled a big JCPenney bag from the back seat of his police cruiser.  It was a beautiful warm night and I was on my own back patio doing some laundry (outdoor laundry is very common in the desert).

After he went in, his bedroom lights went on.  I went to the spot on my back patio where I could see right into his bedroom.  The blinds were open… they often were because of the location of the window being pretty private…   he had taken off his uniform, hung it up nearby and had switched to gym shorts over his briefs, leaving his white t-shirt on.

I watched him open the bag and pull out 4 new packages each of JCPenney Stafford briefs and heavy weight t-shirts.  He folded them all neatly then laid them on the bed.  12 new briefs, 12 new t-shirts.   I was creeping dangerously closer to the window, because I just had to see better…  He stuffed the wrappers and cardboard pieces they wrap new underwear around back into the JCPenney bag, then went to his underwear drawer.  He pulled out probably 2 pairs of clean briefs and a couple of t-shirts, and stuffed those into the shopping bag.  He then walked over to his laundry basket and started sorting through the laundry pulling out old t-shirts and briefs.   I was almost nose to his bedroom window at this point…   the dirty t-shirts were clearly sweat stained with a few holes in the pit area, and the briefs were a wreck, holes, a few separated waistbands…. The best thing was virtually every pair had a big yellow piss stain in the front and a substantial skidmark in the ass…  stuffed all these into the JCPenney bag and tied it at the top.  He then methodically put the rest of his new underwear away in the dresser drawer.

He picked up the bag and headed for the back door of his trailer –  I quickly ducked back so he wouldn’t see me.  He went to his back patio and tossed the JCPenney bag into one of his trash cans along with another bag of garbage on top

FUCK… I KNEW I had to get a hold of those briefs.  I had been rock hard watching this whole thing and the thought of sniffing the cops dirty skidmarked briefs was driving me insane.  I downed a couple of beers just to steady my nerves.

Timing would be everything.  I’d have to wait until I thought he was asleep and get them that night, because trash pickup was early the next morning and he’d be out there taking his cans to the curb by 6:30 am.  The complication is that his bedroom was right next to the back patio where the trash cans were so I’d have to be super quiet…

I waited until about 11pm when I saw his lights go out, then waited another 30 minutes to be safe.   I snuck out of my trailer and onto my back patio area… luckily both of our rear patios are hidden from the street… mostly by the cop’s police cruiser…LOL.

I crossed over to his back patio and to the garbage can.  He’s kind of a freak for the “retro” thing so his garbage cans are galvanized steel, of course, and fucking noisy.    As quietly as I could, I lifted the metal lid off the can and saw my prize… the JCPenney bag, but it was trapped under the other garbage bag.  I gently put the lid of the trash can down and started to lift out the first bag, then grabbed the one full of old underwear and put it on the ground, I put the other garbage bag back and replaced the lid as quietly as I could.

At this point I couldn’t wait any longer… I slithered the 12 feet over to my own back patio.  I HAD to look at the cop’s underwear, and somehow doing that close to his bedroom and virtually in front of his police cruiser was an even bigger turn on.

The white plastic of the JCP bag was noisy and crackly as I opened it… I was just hoping the cop didn’t hear me.  What I found inside was amazing… pitted out t-shirts that stank of ripe armpits, and lots of beat up size 34 Stafford briefs… piss stained, sweaty and deeply skidmarked – fresh stains on top of  years of old ones… I got down on my knees and  spread them out on the concrete of my patio to get a better look.   I took one of the most beat up pairs and started sniffing them…  was just putting one pair up to my nose when…

I felt the barrel of a gun pressed into the back of my neck.  The voice behind me said “Don’t you fucking move”.   â€œPut your hands behind your back NOW”  At this point I was so terrified of was happening that I felt my gut churning… FUCK…I tried to hold it in, but all of a sudden that crackling sound came and I completely filled the ass of my own briefs with shit.

At this point a flashlight snaps on “What the FUCK are you doing?”  I finally recognized the voice as the cop’s.  The flashlight sweeps around and surveys my back patio, covered with his dirty discarded underwear.  “SO Faggot – you like my fucking filthy underwear huh?  I’m sick and tired of you watching me all the time and I’m gonna teach you a lesson.”  He put his flashlight on a shelf on my patio so it was pointed right into my face.  I still had the pair I was about to sniff in my hand and he grabs it, still pointing the gun right in my face.  He finds the shittiest part of the ass of the briefs and wraps it around his finger and started wiping my face with it, then stuck it up my nose…  “you’re gonna smell this cop’s shit”…. “and now you’re gonna taste it”  …  he took the skidmarked ass of the briefs and shoved them bit by bit into my mouth and down my throat so only the waistband was still hanging out.

“Now you’re gonna get a shower faggot!”  He changes his angle and I can see now that he came outside wearing ONLY his white briefs, old and still sweaty and piss stained from the previous day.   He slides them down and with his gun in one hand and his big dick in the other he lets loose with this huge load of piss, first right in my face, all over my body, then swinging the arc of piss all over the mess of briefs, t’s and wrappers. 

At this point an old junky pickup truck went by filled with scrap metal, car parts, old water heaters, etc.… probably some locals collecting scrap to make a few bucks.   It was noisy enough do distract the cop for an instant, so I had a chance.  As he looked away for just a second to see what was going on, I tackled him to the ground.  As he hit the concrete, it knocked the wind out of him for a second, and his gun went flying into the driveway.   At this point I was really pissed for him humiliating me in such an extreme way… it was payback time.

By the time he caught his breath I had him pinned on his back, my knees digging right into his shoulders and upper arms… staring down his hot hairy body with a perfect view of his old stained underwear… my shit filled ass poised right above his face.

As he realized what had happened, he started yelling at me.  “FUCKING FAGGOT, GET THAT SHITTY ASS OUT OF MY FACE NOW, FAGGOT”  At this rate he was gonna start waking the neighbors.   I said “shut up and take it like a cop, asshole”   I started lowering my shit filled briefs closer and closer to his face his complaints got louder and louder so all I could do was just sit down, RIGHT ON HIS FACE in my shit filled briefs just to shut him up…

As soon as I did this, his dick tented out his old briefs and started leaking pre-cum.   I grabed his dick without pulling the briefs off, and with about two jerks he shot a load so big and intense that it pushed right through the cotton of the old shorts with a huge creamy white wad now covering the fly…

I got off of his face, handed him one of the old t-shirts to wipe up with, and asked him.   “you wanna beer?”  he agreed.  We sat and talked for about an hour…he in cum filled briefs, me in my shit filled ones…compared military life to cop life… then went to clean up and get some sleep.

The next morning I went out to take my cans to the curb, all the cops used underwear was still there on my patio, spattered with dried piss from the night before… I was cleaning the mess up when the cop came out to take his cans to the curb.

“Up for a beer tonight after my shift?” he grunted

“Yup” I replied…

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  2. I’ll write a sequel to it soon. This is based on a good deal of experience and many of the facts are true…

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