Conversations on shit

A few years ago I was having a dump at a mall and this guy comes running in, there was no one else in the can. I could hear him desperately trying to undo his belt. He barely got his ass on the seat when he exploded with a VERY large fart and gush of shit. He sighed very loudly, trying to catch his breath. Then he let another load rip with such force it felt like the bowl might shatter. He said something under his breath like “Jesus” so I said, “That’s gotta feel better man”. He laughed and told me that it had been a very close call….similar to something that had happened to him 2 weeks earlier. He continued to fart and shit as he told me the story….he had been out for lunch with friends, left them to catch the subway home, got a sharp cramp and made his way to the nearest department store washroom he could find. He said the cramping was so severe he was barely able to keep his shit inside. He got caught at a red light and had to stop walking. Just as he got to the door of the store he exploded into his pants. He then had to walk to the washroom and cleanup. By the time he got there he described the shit running down his legs, around his “privates” etc. He said it was a real mess. Finally got cleaned up and as he was finishing the story someone else came in and we stopped talking.

Another time I was in a department store and I got on the elevator to head up to a washroom I knew to have a dump. This construction worker steps on and the two of us are alone. He starts chatting about the weather, friendly guy, all dirty and rough looking in overalls. We get off and I notice we are heading the same way. We go into the empty can together and head for the first stall as he goes into the one next to it. I said, “Hope you don’t mind some noise” and he says “Only if it sounds like…” and makes a fart noise with his lips. I laugh, get my pants down and let one rip. He laughs and says “You’re not kidding….let’s see what I got for ya” and proceeds to grunt out this massive load of hissing fart filled log. Then he starts commenting on it’s girth and stink and launches into telling me how much he farts everyday, and how one day on the job he let one rip and shit down his leg….quite the afternoon in the can….not sure but I think he was playing with his dick at the same time. Hot!

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