He stepped out of the shower and felt really great to be clean. The warm water drying off the skin. He went about the usual morning routine standing there with a towel wrapped around the waist. Then his foot brushed against some clothes on the floor. Looking down to see what his foot touched caused yesterday to all to come flooding back. The jeans were positioned in a way like they had been yanked off. The denim material was pooled around something very white and a little bit yellow.

Seeing the diaper, the quite wet diaper, sitting there in his jeans was somehow more embarrassing than if that wet padding had been balled up in the corner. Maybe because it would be easier to mentally say that “well that’s not mine.” But when a diaper is sitting inside of your jeans and was quite obviously the bulky underwear worn yesterday its clear who soaked them.

Something inside him was compelling him to explore. He reached down and felt the diaper. It was as if he was trying to wish away its existence like popping a bubble to make it go away. The diaper was definitely wet but not full, which gave his gut a foreboding feeling. He stared at the bulky material nestled in the jeans and knew what was going to happen. Again he felt compelled to stand up straight and drop the towel. His gaze turned to the mirror and he realized his groin was shaven. Why did he not realize that during the shower? He thought how strange he looked to have a bare crotch like that. It was embarrassing. Unmanly. His fingers felt over the skin. Then he was suddenly reaching for the shaving gel. Apparently his hope that maybe it will grow back was out of the question.

With a new freshly nude crotch he stepped over to the piled clothes on the floor. He was dreading this but there seemed to be no stopping it. He put his foot through the diaper and jeans. The wetness could be felt around his ankles. He signed deeply and made a face as got a whiff of the used padding. Soon his other foot was in and he continued to be somehow forced to pull up the soggy material. It would be his underwear again for the day.

The diaper was cold and clammy. He shuttered but continued. Wiggling around, the diaper made its way back around his waist. Looking again in the mirror he felt he looked crazy. Here he was with his young frame clad in nothing but a thick soaked diaper. This was so embarrassing. His face flushed with humiliation despite the fact he was alone. The leak guards were dutifully tucked back in and the wings pulled back to their right spots. It certainly seemed like he was a pro at this but you wouldn’t guess by looking at his blushing face.

His hand squeezed the front. The plastic crinkled. The absorbent material felt as soaked as it looked. The hand ran down between his legs and then around to the back. The butt felt dry but it was hard to tell due to the diaper being double thick. Suddenly he felt the notion that perhaps he should add another layer “to be safe.” His eyes went to where there was likely more of the dreaded thick padding. “No! ” he thought back “this is thick enough as it is!” He wondered if the jeans would even fit over a triple thick diaper. He twisted and looked on the mirror at his padded butt. It was comically large, but looked to be completely dry. That apparently was enough to avoid adding a third layer.

He pulled his jeans up and checked how it looked. The diaper bulge was somewhat covered, yet anyone who looked would know something was up. He did his belt tight, with an unusual ratchet system. This curious belt buckling was quickly followed by inserting a key into the buckle. The key then went into the drawer, which seemed to lock. Perhaps he was just imagining it was locked. He felt he couldn’t check. A tug on the jeans verified that there was no getting out of the embarrassing padding now. All that was left was to find a shirt. He tried to find one that was larger and longer but ended up in a tight fitting polo that barely went to his belt. He was sure that if he wasn’t careful that his humiliating underwear would be peeking out.

Grabbing his keys and heading for the door he inspected his padded crotch again.  It was warming up at least but he still thought it was crazy that he was going out in public like this. Was he being punished? Was it for wetting the diaper yesterday? Or not wetting it enough? This had to be a curse or something. Maybe some hypnotic mystic psychic thing. Whatever it was seemed to dissipate once he locked the door behind him. He felt he was in control now but still helplessly locked in a wet diaper. He uselessly tugged at the jeans but this just reminded him what he was forced to wear. He headed out to his car. His legs bowed out from the padding so his walk looked a bit like a waddle. There was no forgetting what he was forced to wear. He stopped for a moment and felt a moment of dread. He his bowels indicted they needed a release. His diaper would be much fuller in a bit. His face flushed red at the prospect as he headed to work.

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  1. I’m diapered up and getting ready for work here. have a large load trying to push out already. This should be an interesting day. This story could be about me.

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