Get together

Saturday came quickly the ladies couldn’t wait after a week of not taking a shit they finally met at Gail’s house for a card game. Wendy arrived first, she was a elegant looking lady in her 60s, tall thin and wearing a business suit, having worked earlier in the day. Mary came shortly after, glad […]

Office Duo Dump

I stroll onto the train, find a seat and nervously glance at my watch for what had to be the thousandth time within an hour. ‘I can’t believe I overslept!’ I berate myself as the train takes off towards my destination at a speed I found less than satisfactory. You see I had been up […]

Green Mess

Decided I was in an orcish mood lately, so here’s a short story I made about two orcs having a smelly time together in a bar’s bathroom. _____________________ “Hey, Gojor. You gon’ get that?” the bartender asked. Sitting on the bar stool was a burly humanoid figure with dark green skin and tusks hanging out […]