Just an Animal

A chubby man in a post-apocalyptic world embraces his inner animal needs, such as voiding himself whenever and wherever he feels like it. __________________________________ He could barely remember what he had said to the man after he got out of his van. One moment, he was explaining why he had no problem with pissing himself. […]

Ellens 5 Day Big One

The journey from the restaurant to his place usually took about an hour, give or take for the traffic. Ellen shifted her weight in the passenger seat as the need to shit came on again, stronger this time. “Oh, not now”, she said quietly. “Huh?”, Joe replied from the drivers seat. She wondered whether she […]

Have you ever had someone else wear your underwear after you pooped them, either at their request or without?

The first time I realized was during high school when I noticed one of my friends was wearing underwear suspiciously like the ones I had just changed out of when I got home from school. After he left, I checked my washing basket and my suspicions were confirmed. Suddenly everything that had been going on […]