La cour du Roi

C’est une histoire courte, j’utiliserai ce personnage à l’avenir ! Gildas de Nantes est comte de la région depuis plusieurs années. Marié à Eleanor, il n’a pas eu le plaisir d’avoir d’enfants à ce jour. Son souhait le plus cher est d’être invité à la cour du Roi Louis XIV. Pour cela, il travaille beaucoup. […]

The Hapless Bartender

Written following suggestions from EKXD – thanks dude!! Knowing that this was an exercise in futility and disappointment Wayne, nevertheless, opened the fridge and surveyed the contents. He sighed heavily. The grease-stained pizza box contained only one sad slice that had been there for days and there were literal signs of life in the green, […]


There were two women their names were Tanya and Victoria and they were on a long road trip they were wearing Short Dresses with black knickers and Tights. Before setting off Tanya needed to use the Toilet. Tanya was bursting for a really great Pee and Dump. Victoria was getting herself ready when Tanya came […]


There is something immensely satisfying about surrendering to wetting yourself. firstly its the naughtiness. As we grow up we are told that we should not pee your pants and should be done in private in a suitable toilet. As we know, that is not always convenient (please excuse the pun). We find ourselves in situations […]