Dans une petite ville du nord des États-unis, caché derrière une petite forêt traversée par de nombreux sentier, se tenait la ferme de Terry. Il vivait seul depuis quelques années. Seulement âgé d’une trentaine d’année, il cultivait ses terres et élevait ses animaux dans un environnement qui lui convenait parfaitement. Il avait bien eu quelques […]

The Transport Plane

A story that needs to be read again The Transport Plane The prison truck pulled up as scheduled, at the airstrip. My operatives were waiting with the plane and the handover from the authorities went smoothly. All of the prisoners were confirmed and had been handled to my exacting specifications. Within a few minutes the […]

Office Duo Dump

I stroll onto the train, find a seat and nervously glance at my watch for what had to be the thousandth time within an hour. ‘I can’t believe I overslept!’ I berate myself as the train takes off towards my destination at a speed I found less than satisfactory. You see I had been up […]