Get together

Saturday came quickly the ladies couldn’t wait after a week of not taking a shit they finally met at Gail’s house for a card game. Wendy arrived first, she was a elegant looking lady in her 60s, tall thin and wearing a business suit, having worked earlier in the day. Mary came shortly after, glad […]


(Originally posted this to AO3. My psude there is thorloser.) . . . . Rami made sure, then made sure three more times that Gwilym was gone. The car was gone, meaning Gwil was gone. He was off doing some errands. “Thank god,” Rami said to himself, stepping away from the window and looking down […]

Office Duo Dump

I stroll onto the train, find a seat and nervously glance at my watch for what had to be the thousandth time within an hour. ‘I can’t believe I overslept!’ I berate myself as the train takes off towards my destination at a speed I found less than satisfactory. You see I had been up […]