La cour du Roi

C’est une histoire courte, j’utiliserai ce personnage à l’avenir ! Gildas de Nantes est comte de la région depuis plusieurs années. Marié à Eleanor, il n’a pas eu le plaisir d’avoir d’enfants à ce jour. Son souhait le plus cher est d’être invité à la cour du Roi Louis XIV. Pour cela, il travaille beaucoup. […]

The Hapless Bartender

Written following suggestions from EKXD – thanks dude!! Knowing that this was an exercise in futility and disappointment Wayne, nevertheless, opened the fridge and surveyed the contents. He sighed heavily. The grease-stained pizza box contained only one sad slice that had been there for days and there were literal signs of life in the green, […]


There were two women their names were Tanya and Victoria and they were on a long road trip they were wearing Short Dresses with black knickers and Tights. Before setting off Tanya needed to use the Toilet. Tanya was bursting for a really great Pee and Dump. Victoria was getting herself ready when Tanya came […]