Dans une petite ville du nord des États-unis, caché derrière une petite forêt traversée par de nombreux sentier, se tenait la ferme de Terry. Il vivait seul depuis quelques années. Seulement âgé d’une trentaine d’année, il cultivait ses terres et élevait ses animaux dans un environnement qui lui convenait parfaitement. Il avait bien eu quelques […]

Cops debased – part 4

John Evangelou, as his laboured breathing finally returned to normal, became aware of his partner’s weight pressing down on him. Ricky Hernandez had gone dead-weight on top of his colleague and John realised that the spent cop had fallen asleep. This was confirmed when Hernandez started to softly snore. In spite of his immobilised position […]

The Transport Plane

A story that needs to be read again The Transport Plane The prison truck pulled up as scheduled, at the airstrip. My operatives were waiting with the plane and the handover from the authorities went smoothly. All of the prisoners were confirmed and had been handled to my exacting specifications. Within a few minutes the […]

Orcish Nature

It’s Orctober right now. So I figured, what the hell. Should make a story about an orc embracing his messy side. 😉 _____________________________________ He knew how he could easily resolve this. He just had to head into the bathroom, sit on that human-made contraption, and let it all flow out. All the pain in his […]