Gassy Shopkeep

I work at a small gift shop and I’m usually there alone, which is heaven especially when I’m bloated and nobody’s around to hear me let loose! And whenever I feel a dump brewing, I have total control over locking the door 😉 On more than one occasion, I’ve found myself ringing up a customer […]

Scrotum is back

Scrotum is back

Salut les amateurs de merde.. Ainsi poopeelife renait de ses cendres.. sentant la fin de ce site venir, j ‘y ai hélas supprimé toutes mes video merdeuses. Mais je vois que les “amis” sont toujours là.. Je constate aussi que certains postent des vidéos trouvées sur d’autres sites.. C ‘est dommage!! Tout l’intérêt ici est […]

Mary is back

Just seen PooPeeLife is back… Yippy!!! My account was Mary Jones @chubbynylongirl and I haven’t been playing much. But I have to go pretty bad again haha. My part time office job still has me in skirts and pantyhose most days and it’s still fun to let a little pee run down my legs during […]