constipation tale

Once there was a 30 year old women. Her name was Sabrina. She had a secret she liked to keep to herself. She lived by herself in a small house. She was lonely sometimes and longed for companionship. she didn’t dare though because of her secret. One day she went to the super market to pick up some Vaseline. While waiting on line she felt a all too familiar feeling. She panicked. She started sweating. She decided she had to risk other people finding out her secret.She checked out and went to the bathroom. She picked the last stall and sat down. She took a deep breath and began pushing with all her might to get a SUPER thick, hard, and extremely knobby turd she ever had to give birth to in her life so far. “hhhhhhh- uuuuuuuu- nnnn” pant pant pant. This straining and pushing went on for another hour. As she was preparing to try one last time someone entered the room. She asked, “Is everything alright in here?” Sabrina replied, “I’m fine!” “You don’t sound fine to me.” The women said, now right in front of Sabrina’s stall. “Are you constipated? If you are i might be able to help if you let me. I can hear you from outside, you clearly need some help.” Sabrina thought about it for a few seconds before replying. “Well I suppose I could use some help.” She unlocked the door and the women entered. “What’s your name?” asked Sabrina. “Amanda” she said. “Well Amanda, I have a secret to tell you but you have to promise not to tell everyone. Promise?” “Promise.” Said Amanda. Sabrina sighed and said, “I have the worst constipation in the world! its normal for me to have 5 or even 6 inch thick stools!” “Really?! Poor dear! No wonder you were making so much noise! Is there anything I can do for you?” “Could you put some Vaseline on my ass?” asked Sabrina embarrassed. “sure” said Amanda and she opened the jar of Vaseline and put it on Sabrina. “Thanks, now if you could also coach me through this, that would help a lot too.” Amanda nodded in understanding. Sabrina then started straining like never before. Amanda encouraged her to push and breath and push and rest in repetition until the log started to inch its way out. “Oh god, here it comes!” Sabrina squealed both in pain but also fear. “It’s OK, I’m here for you. You just keep up the great work and push with all your might! You can do this, I know you can. You’ve made it this far, I’m not going to let you give up now!” “But it’s going to hurt so bad!” wailed Sabrina, now starting to cry a little. “Just push with all you got and I’ll do what I can to help alright? Be as loud and yell and make as much noise as you need to OK?” “OK” said Sabrina and with one big inhale and exhale of air she let out a very loud, prolonged cry of pain as the stool started to move and grow. “That’s it Sabrina, your doing great! Keep it up girl It’s half way out now.” Just then the stool stopped moving in its tracks all together! “OUCH! OH GOD! AH-AH!” She started crying very hard. Amanda could see that the turd was stretching her to her max and that it hurt the most when it was still. “I know it hurts like hell but your almost there!” “I can’t do it! It hurts too much!” Cried Sabrina, now covered in tears. Just then Amanda came up with an idea. “Tell you what, how about if you push and I try to pull it out of you?” Sabrina let out a sob that sounded like yes to Amanda so she got behind Sabrina and said, “on the count of three your going to push while I pull. Ready? One, two, three!” “Yowwwwwwww! OW OW” She shrieked in agony as she pushed with all her might while Amanda gently as possible pulled slowly so as not to hurt Sabrina. As the worked together, the log ever so slowly came out and landed with a huge slash! “Thank you so much!” Panted Sabrina, exhausted. “No problem” panted Amanda, who was tired from pulling such a monster out of her for what seemed to her like a few hours. They both looked in the toilet. “That’s not going down at all” Said Amanda, who was surprised at just how big it was. “If you think that’s big, that’s small compared to what i normally push out.” Sabrina said. Amanda looked at Sabrina in shock.
The End

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  1. I am wondering if I should write a sequel to it. I am waiting to see if there’s any requests for it or not. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

  2. I have read the 2 parts already and I can say that your fantasy is amazing these stories are really real and one feels as if standing next to them … looking forward to reading the next section 🙂

  3. This is really a great story. Many times when I was constipated I wished I would have been Sabrina and offered a helping hand. Now I would like to be Amanda and help some constipated man or woman.

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