I’ve been working a lot lately, full-weeks. However, I’m insanely thankful that I can go to school this semester. On and off this summer I have been road biking which is a lot of fun, but only when it’s nice outside. However recently, my work schedule has been so erratic,

Yesterday was a good example of what’s been happening. I had a good shit 3 days before, but I hadn’t gone that day and wasn’t expecting much as I hadn’t been exercising but just been working. Suddenly, in the afternoon I felt my stomach cramp up fairly bad and I was farting a lot. It wasn’t loud audible farts, it was quiet little spritzers that smelled very potent. I figured they smelled so bad since I was backed up. This was the 3rd day without pooing. I wasn’t busy so I quickly took off my gear, (I work in a restaurant) and went to the men´s room located in the front. I walked in and a stall was taken. The smell was pretty strong, and something told me the dishwasher was having a shit. Usually he doesn´t go everyday, but when he does, the place stinks pretty bad, and his bowl is skidded up fairly bad. I took the last stall, leaving a stall between us, and I pulled down my pants. I squatted over the bowl, and farted a bunch of tiny farts before I felt a rock hard boulder emerge from my bum. I kept pushing very hard, and after a minute I felt a rock hard turd protruding. It made small crackling sounds, and it smelled pretty bad, even worse than the dishwasher adjacent to me. I had eventually pushed most of it out, and at one point I pushed so hard I felt a ripping feeling, like when you rip fabric, and a very dull but strong pain in my rear began to develop. I was in so much pain at the moment that I didn´t notice it. Eventually the large turd thudded in the toilet, and another smaller, but as thick piece splashed in too. I immediately pulled toilet paper and began to wipe my self. There was a ton of shit, and blood, on the toilet paper. It also stung heavily when I wiped, and my vision began to blur a little bit from the pain and discomfort I was feeling. When I was done wiping, despite there still being blood on the paper, I stood completely up to see quite a large turd in the toilet with a smaller chunk under it surrounded by a lot of used toilet paper. I flushed once and the turd or tp didn´t budge. I had to flush 2 more times before it got caught in the drain, then broke. There was heavy skidmarks when I flushed again.

When I finished I exited my stall, and looked at what the dishwasher had left. It was the usual, there were many skids, and the smell was strong. I went and washed my hands and left to go to work again relieved, but in pain.

Avec plaisir,

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  1. So hot. I would love to see the large turds coming out of your ass, and then wipe your butt carefully, even apply some ointment to ease the pain and the bleeding

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