Constipated outdoors

Hey, everybody. Thought I’d share another constipation story. This happened a few months ago, but I thought it made for a good one to share:

I’ve pooped out in the woods plenty of times, especially considering that I grew up in a house where we owned several acres of wild land, lots of chances to poop outside in the woods. And I love all things outdoorsy, I hike and bike a lot, so I’ve often gotten chances to do so.

Well in June I was on a solitary hike in a forested area near where I live. It’s not a very popular place for hiking, sometimes it seems like I’m the only one there, which is good if I end up having to poop while there. Not that I was planning ahead on pooping there, but it happens sometimes. Toward the end of the hike I started feeling an urge in my stomach and I had been farting a lot while hiking. Eventually the urge got stronger as I was walking so I decided to go off the trail in a little grassy area. I stood behind a tree and pulled down the back of my pants and briefs. I just kind of stood there in the silence and solitude with my butt sticking out, farting, and waiting to see if the urge to poop got stronger. Eventually it did, so I pulled down my pants more and started grunting and pushing.

I did that for a while with almost no luck. Eventually I started squatting more and pushing harder and soon enough I could feel the tip of a turd emerging from my butt. I was grunting and groaning loud enough that if there had been someone there, they probably would’ve heard, but luckily no one was there! It felt like a really solid turd coming out, pretty hard and compacted. I kept pushing in that hovering position, and I even started to pull my buttcheeks apart. Eventually I could feel the turd moving slowly out of my anus. The wind shifted at some point and I could smell the poop that was coming out of my ass. Soon I pushed one final time and grunted loudly and the turd dropped and landed in the grass. It was dark brown and fairly wide and looked like I hadn’t gone in a few days (which if I remember correctly, I hadn’t).

I hadn’t brought any toilet paper so I just pulled up my briefs and pants and looked at what I had produced lol. I continued on the walk and wiped when I got home (luckily it hadn’t left much of a mark, so nothing in my underwear). Anyway, that was a memorable outdoor poop that I figured I’d share.

If anyone’s interested in this kind of stuff, feel free to send me a message. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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  1. Very hot story. I would love to meet you in the forest and ask you how you are doing and how many days have passed since your last poop, encourage you to push, even pull your buttcheeks apart.

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