Constipated in a public toilet – things turned from bad to worst..

My whole life I’ve suffered with chronic and slow transit conscription. Anyway I was down at my local shops I felt an urge come on so I raced to the toilets, i picked the middle stall, sat down and spread my legs as much as I could – the stalls were empty at that stage. I knew I was really gonna struggle with this one. I heard someone go into the stall next to me so I closed my legs and proceeded to try again this time with closed fists & leaning as far forward as I could again with no luck.
Once the lady next to me had finished she asked if I was okay? I told her I’m badly blocked up. She asked if there was anything she could do to help? I suggested to her go to the chemist, buy me a enema or something & come back – I gave her $20 – the chemist is literally in the same building just around the corner of the toilet. Anyway I’m sitting here trying, rocking, grunting. 10 minutes go by, then 15, then 20. The urges were getting intense with no movement yet. Eventually 45 minutes had passed & I still hadn’t had any luck. Obviously being annoyed this women had just taken my $20 after 1 hour I got up, finished and proceeded to leave the toilets. I got home and tried again, again with no luck. Two days later I ended up pushing out about 30 pellet poos and 6 logs!!

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  1. She sounded nice and helpful in the beginning but turned out to be a real bitch. You must have been really relieved when you finally could go. I know how it feels like

  2. Oh..I’m pulling for you… thinking back in some way shape or form,I have been around girlfriends ,ex-wife and even coworkers that seem to share that they were or are constipated .And severe constipation. I know from the time you spent in the public toilet ,to getting home .and finally getting things moving .. I know you were spent , from that entire process .

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