Constipated guy forced to shit

I have been dealing with constipation since I was fifteen. That was the first time I just could not shit for more than a week. ..and my flat belly started growing.
Since that experience I started exploring my bowel abilities.
I experimented with long holding periods while in college, nobody cared whether I was bloated or not, people didnt know me. I started being constantly full.

And it continued into my adulthood. I like hiking in woods alone, I take off my Tshirt, so I can show my chest, my muscles and my bloated belly.
So once I was really full, I could feel the weight…And I went for a trip to an unknown wood. I walked alone for several hours, nobody was here. As I mentioned, I was really full and decided to have some fun. When I am that full, I just sit (shorts on) and push. And the mass inside is forced to go to my rectum, which stretches to the max,as there is no exit. Then I walk again, then push for some time again without letting anything out. I just enjoy the pressure. That day I decided to increase the fulness and pressure by swallowing air. So I walked and kept swallowing air until my belly really protruded and reached very pregnant look. The pressure inside was overwhelming. I decided to walk for some more time until the air passes through the bowels and then I planned a great pushing+loud grunting + giving birth session. I was shirtless as usual and the belly must have been really prominent. Just when I started having some cramps from the pressure, I realised, that there were 3 chubby older guys walking the same road, opposite direction.They noticed me, so there was no way to hide, I was sure they would notice my unnaturally bloated bare belly on my thin frame. At first I just wanted to walk by them and continue my walk..but they turned around…
“Oh, man, have you seen his belly?” “He has a real ball gut, never seen such one ..” “Lets look at it…”
I was so full of stool and air, I just couldnt suck the gut in, couldnt run away, was alone.
There were three of them, curious.
“Hey, boy, show us your belly, you have got such a big one, never seen such on a guy…” And he went to me and put his strong hand on my gut, pressed on it. He was surprised that the belly was hard, not soft…”hey, you are full, arent you…what have you packed inside? If you werent a guy, I would think you were pregnant”.
“It is from constipation, I havent gone for 9 days…”, I answered, hoping they would lose interest and let me go.
But no such luck. They became even more curious
“So be happy you met us, we will help you..”
I wanted to run away, I was really afraid, but with the belly I was at their mercy.
“Take off your shorts! We want to see a guy trying to give birth here, have never seen it, so we are interested ” he laughed. I didnt want to try to shit in front of them, but one of them got my hands, the second kicked my legs…and before I realised it, I was on the grass, shorts off, one of them at my head keeping my arms, they laid me on my back, the second guy dealt with my legs, bent them and opened them. So my dick was into full wiew and they examined my asshole, how tight it was.
The biggest guy started to press with both his hands on my belly.
“Never have done this, it is so hot… So you start pushing, my boy, show us how quickly you can do that”
I could not speak from the pressure, his pressing on my belly caused severe pain, the air couldnt escape and he played with my stomach as if it was a medicine ball.
I didnt have time to explain I was really backed up and that it always takes some time.
The guys were disappointed that nothing was coming out…
“Oh, he is really clogged…boy , push harder for us”
I said yes, I can try, but dont press on my gut”.
So he finally let my belly, two of them fetched my legs and put my knees towards my gut. My buttocks were open wide, they had a clear view of my anus.
I took a deep breath and started to push. They were watching my face going purple, my belly changing shape into tight beach ball…my belly muscles working were clearly visible.
I grunted.
I took even deeper breath.
I knew it would be difficult – my rectum was overstuffed by my previous pushing plays, it was like a bowling ball stuck just at my hole, the huge amount of gas was trapped in my bowels, making the pushing more difficult and less productive.
I was sure they want to see how much a male asshole would stretch to let the contents of such a big belly out.
What was the worst, I just felt overfull and uncomfortable from the position they held me, but I didnt feel any urge to defecate helping me.

So I just pushed hard, breathing heavily, covered in sweat, belly muscles chlenching, asshole trying to open…in front of three filthy perverse older guys, who had never seen a boy so constipated. And their only interest was to see me finally pass the “baby”.
So the time passed and I pushed for about 20 minutes, no result. They were getting visibly annoyed. And the thickest guy got a filthy idea – he decided to sit on my belly.
His weight was unbearable, I almost couldnt breath. I thought I would vomit or burp, but several hours passed from my air gulping, so the air was far inside my bowels to allow any relief through my mouth. So all the burden had to be forced out my ass. I just gasped for air and started to bear down desperately again, when the guy sitting on my medicine ball shaped belly started to go up and down, jumping with his fat butt on my air filled gut.
But there was a result. I felt the mass lodged deeply in my clogged colon slowly move towards my rectum. The weight of the mans jumps together with my straining helped my bowels to start working.
Uhhhhghnhn! My asshole opened and I laid the first thunderous fart. The air found its way and pushed the concrete faeces forward.

“Haha , seems it functions , he is going to crown any minute.”
And he was right.

The increased pressure in my butt was absolutely unique. I had never shat a huge log with such an inflated belly anf with a fat guy s bum jumping on it.
My dick was hard erect and despite the pain I started enjoying the birth. I pushed even harder and my asshole started to stretch around the shitlog being forced out.

“Hey, looks really like giving birth, never seen such a stretched asshole on a man…”
“Push harder, my boy..”
So I pushed and my anus widened even more. The stretgth of the guys jumps was so violent, I was afraid it can tear my butthole…

Aggghhhh! And the 3 inches wide log started to pass.
And that was than my body started to fully cooperate. The inner muscles started pushing on their own, the defecation reflex was activated…
So I pushed, the guy massaged my belly and the log after log together with loud farts kept passing my gaping hole.
I lost the course of time, but it took at least half an hour to defecate. My belly started getting less hard and smaller.
Finally I lay there exhausted, a mountain of shit under my hole which was still gaping and laying farts.
The guys were impressed by the amount of the mass my belly was accomodating, by how much my belly shrunk.

They finally lost their rude attitude and admired my effort. They invited me to go with them for a beer and asked if I can invite them to my next birthing session.
I was so exhausted to say NO, but was sure that it was impossible for me to do such a thing on purpose.
The uniqueness of the situation could not be repeated.

We parted and never seen each other again, but I will never forget my first “forced and assisted” birth.

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  1. Hi, my first attempt in a longer story.
    The part of the story really happened – walking, full belly, air swallowing, meeting guys.
    I spent some time with the guys observing my belly size, talking about constipation..
    But I didnt tell them it was my fetish and that it was increased by air swallowing.
    They said the would be curious how the birth would look like…And that my hole would have to stretch quite wide….And then I left and continued my walk.

    The idea of being forced to defecate in front of them with their help got to my mind just today. . SO THAT PART OF THE STORY IS PURE FANTASY. I remembered the situation from more then ten years ago, when I was still a very young man with an extraordinarily bloated belly
    Today I also like walking bare- bellied, my belly can protrude even more. But since than nobody took attention or commented it. As I am no longer a boy, people just think I am fat 🙂

    Hope you enjoy the story, which is partly fictious. English is not my original language, so my writing can sound crazy in some moments. But I have read a lot in English to help me.

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