Constipated Dudes Part 3

I posted this on another website a few years ago. This is part 3.

I was just hanging out at home one day when my big fat friend Ed called and asked if I wanted to come over to his apartment.
“My friend Doug is over here and I know you’d like to meet him. We’re drinking beers and eating tons of burritos and thought you might want to judge our farting contest!” said Ed.
I was on my way over almost before the words were out of his mouth. The thought of smelling Ed and his friend’s nasty burrito farts gave me a raging boner. Plus, I was on my fifth day without a shit, so I was full of rock hard logs and I knew I could hold my own in the farting department. When I got to Ed’s place, I knocked on the door in the back alley that led to his apartment and waited for him to waddle over and unlock it. I could hear him coming, heavy step by heavy step, and when he unlocked the door he was so winded he could barely talk.
“Hey dude…come on…in,” he panted, and then took a bite of the huge burrito he was eating. He truly never seemed to stop eating. He was wearing nothing but briefs and looked even fatter than the last time I was over, so it was a wonder he could walk at all. He really was massively obese, with a huge belly hanging down between his knees and rolls of soft fat stuffed onto every corner of his body. I shut the door behind me and took in the scene: his small, messy apartment reeked of ass and farts, with empty takeout containers and skidmarked tighty whities on the floor. “I want you to meet Doug,” he said, and motioned to an enormous, smiling man who was sitting on the bed eating pizza.
“What’s up bro?” he said in a husky voice between bites of pizza.
All I could manage was a “Sup” because I was totally lost in staring at him. He had a cute, round face, with a huge double chin that merged right into his giant man boobs. His moobs rested on his soft, slighty hairy gut that was so big it actually stuck out flat in front of him on the bed for three feet. He was wearing nothing but dirty briefs that could barely contain his enormous ass. His legs stuck straight out almost in a split on the bed because of his giant belly. He had to be almost as huge as Ed, maybe 500 pounds. I was jolted back to reality by the sound of a long, muffled fart coming from underneath his huge, fat ass. It lasted almost twenty seconds and Doug grunted in satisfaction afterward. The rotten smell of a huge load of shit hit me as soon as his mega-fart was over. “Man I gotta take a dump, dudes. I’m really gonna rip massive farts all night so you guys better be ready,” he said.
“Fuck that was a big one,” said Ed, who cut a juicy, loud one of his own as he struggled to get himself back on the bed. Ed laid down on his giant gut with his huge ass in the air and ripped another monster fart. I could see his asshole pucker against his stained briefs. “Dude,” Ed said to me, “why do you still have pants on?”
I stripped down to my underwear and jumped on the bed in between the two huge fat men. I bore down and let out a huge, dry machine-gun fart that had been brewing since I came over. It lasted forever, but I still had more gas in me afterward because I needed to shit that much. My lower stomach felt completely full, and I could feel growing pressure as the first hard turd in my huge load pressed against my asshole. I clenched up, moving the monster turd backward and sending shivers up my spine. “Ahhh,” I moaned, “I have to shit so badly. Haven’t taken a decent dump in five days, so I’m gonna out-fart both of y’all.”
“We’ll see about that, man,” chuckled Doug, “Ed and me haven’t shit in a week. I got so much rock-hard shit in me that my gas just doesn’t stop. I’m farting all the the time and still packin’ more shit in. It feels like I’m so constipated my asshole is starting to open”
“I wanna see that for myself,” I said, and Doug began the process of rolling over onto his huge stomach. It wasn’t easy for him to do, since his belly was so big it got in the way of his arms and legs. Finally, he was lying on his massive gut with his ass in the air, next to Ed. They were sharing a huge meat-lover’s pizza, but their asses lined up next to each other was my buffet. Doug’s briefs had a huge hole ripped in them right at his asshole, which was really beginning to dilate.
I put my face a few inches away from his big pink ass ring and took in the smell of his thick, constipated farts. He was farting around his fat shit buttplug. I could see a full two inches of rock-hard, dark brown turd nuggets stuck inside him, surrounded by big puffy asslips.
“Man, do you see hemorrhoids back there? I really tore myself a new one when I took a shit last week. Me and Ed’s logs were just so damn fat,” he said. I started to suck and tongue his fat asslips, savoring the taste of unwashed man stink and farts. “Ahhh shit man that feels so good!” he groaned, and began to jiggle his fat gut against his dick to get himself off. I kept on greedily rimming and kissing his asshole. I could feel my own giant dump aching to come out, and knew that the load I had saved for days was going to force its way out.
“Dude, I can feel my shit crowning! You gotta help me push it back in,” Ed suddenly yelled, so I immediately turned my attention over to his fat ass. I ripped through his tighty whities to see his asshole stretched to the limit with a bumpy, dry log as thick as a beer can sticking a few inches out. I whipped out my cock and pushed it against the knobby turd-head, making Ed moan as his huge burden moved back into his rectum. I stuck my dick into his asshole and felt hard, nuggety shit surround it all the way to my balls. Ed began to piss, letting gallons of hot hold liquid pour down over his many fat rolls. I couldn’t help but wildly thrust into Ed’s huge turdlog, getting closer to orgasm as my own constipated shit load moved closer to daylight. I came and came into that turd, and as I did I finally lost control of my huge five-day load.
“I can’t hold it any longer, guys. This is gonna be a big one. I’m gonna fill my briefs,” I said, and felt my asshole stretch painfully with the head of a giant, impacted shit log. They both shouted encouragement and asked me to let them see it when I was done. It felt so good to finally release my huge constipated load, with inch after inch of fat, hard shit moving out of my asshole. I felt my tired shithole shut for a second and let out a massive fart into my briefs, which were sagging with what felt like a five pound log. My constipation was so bad I wasn’t done yet though, and a softer, but still solid mass of shit began to move into my underwear. This went on for several minutes until my whole ass and balls were surrounded with solid shit. My dick stuck out of my packed briefs as I moved to where Ed and Doug could both admire my huge, manly load.
“Damn, bro!” said Doug, “You weren’t kidding when you said it was gonna be a huge one. You gotta wear that load around for a while and show that monster off. That’s making me think it’s time to birth my week-old shit load.” He looked at Ed who nodded in agreement. I climbed back around both of their huge, obese bodies and took my position back at their quivering assholes. They both started grunting and moaning at the same time, and I knew that their giant logs were gonna take a lot of effort to pass. Ed’s log was stuck right at his shithole, too big to move, so I started chipping away at the constipated mass with my fingers, breaking off rock-solid nuggets of week-old shit. Doug’s first turd was slowly moving out of his stretched hole, grunt by grunt, so I grabbed it’s huge girth and slowly pulled. It was even wider than my fat log and at least a foot and a half long. It finally broke free and released a torrent of hot soft-serve shit that pilled up on my lap on top of my already shit-filled briefs. Doug kept farting through the whole process as I took his huge, hard first log and began rubbing it on my throbbing dick. Just then Ed grunted loudly and let out a fart so powerful it made nuggets of shit fly out of his hole through the air.
Then, pushed along by the shear weight of the week of shit behind it, a truly massive, constipated masterpiece pushed its way out of his wrecked hole. He moaned loudly – this monster was the size and thickness of my arm, so it had to hurt. As soon as it left his hole, I grabbed it and began furiously rubbing my cock with both of their huge logs. Both turds were rock-hard from end to end and majorly thick. Ed kept shitting nonstop for a few more minutes. At this point I was sitting in what had to be thirty pounds of firm, stinky man waste, so I came very fast. “Holy shit, that was amazing,” panted Ed. “Dude, let compare our logs to see whose turd was the biggest. I bet it was mine, dudes. That was a real workout and made me real hungry.” Doug obviously agreed because they resumed their gluttonous eating. I dug into my shit-filled underwear to find my biggest piece of turd meat, and crawled out of the huge mess of shit I was sitting in to show them how their logs compared. We all agreed that Ed was the champion shitter today, but that Doug and I made a good effort. They both began to shovel down burritos that were laying nearby, so I crawled back to the shit pile behind them and masturbated by rubbing my dick with their hard shit. After that I was left alone, half covered in shit, ignored because these two were such serious eaters. I didn’t care because I was satisfied and so exhausted that I laid back on one of the giant piles of turds and fell asleep.

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