Constipated Dudes Part 2

I posted this on another website a few years ago. This is part 2.

My neighbor, Ed, called and asked if I wanted to hang out. “Hey man, have you been working on building up a big man-sized dump? I want to have a contest to see who can make the biggest toilet clogger. You better bring it because my logs are gonna be huge,” he said.
“Yeah, I haven’t shit in over a week now and I’ve been eating like a pig. I feel like my colon has a baseball in it,” I replied. It had been a fews days since I had seen Ed, so I was definitely ready to see his hot fat body again.
“Dude, come on over. The key’s under the doormat. You’re gonna have to let yourself in because I haven’t gotten up in three days and I don’t plan on doing it now,” he laughed.
When I let myself in his basement apartment, Ed was sitting in bed, watching TV. I got a boner immediately as I was hit with a blast of fart and ass sweat odor. Man, he was fat. He was naked, or at least I thought he was, because his fat totally covered where his underwear would be. His soft, huge stomach lay on top of an enormous layer of crotch fat that spread like a shelf between his legs. Those fat legs stuck out almost in a split because of his huge gunt. His upper arms, which were as thick as my torso, rested on his huge man-boobs as he took a break from eating an entire bucket of fried chicken. He got a strained look on his face, which was resting on the fat rolls and folds of his neck, and greeted me with a long, low rumbling fart. “Uhhhh,” he moaned in relief afterward. I cut a nasty, machine gun fart of my own. I could feel a week’s worth of shit bulging in my ass and putting off tons of rancid gas. Not wanting to be outdone, Ed ripped another massive fart and ended it with a manly grunt.
“Damn man, nice sphincter control on that one. It looks like you’ve really been piggin’ out,” I said. “How did you get this food if you haven’t gotten out of bed?”
“Let me show you…I have to say, this is genius. Saves me from havin’ to get up,” he said, and grabbed one of those long plastic grabber arms. He used it to roll up the blinds and open the latch of the small window. “I leave money out here for the delivery guys and they leave the food. Most of them are used to it because I order so much food. Six extra large meat lover’s pizzas just yesterday. And ten liters of Coke to wash it down,” he bragged. “That reminds me, I really have to piss. Will you grab one of those adult diapers and stick it over my dick?”
I stripped down to my briefs and got a diaper and lifted up his fat folds to try and find his dick. His manhood just barely stuck out from the bloated pillows of fat between his legs, but the smell of unwashed dick and balls was overwhelming. Since there was no hope of putting on the diaper, I just held it against his crotch. Ed sighed and began farting as the diaper got heavy with warm piss. The rank smell of his farts filled the air around us.
“You’re really farting a lot, man. It smells like big, hard turds.” I said as I threw the now-soaked diaper away.
“Yeah, I love the smell of my own shit gas,” he said, “And I can’t help but fart when I’m takin’ a piss. The gas just comes out because I have so much shit backed up in me. I’m really gonna lay some cable this time, bro.”
“Oh yeah?” I said. “I know your constipated shit’s gonna be pretty big, but I haven’t shit in a week so I’m gonna lay a real ass-splitter. How’s your asshole doing after that big dump you took a few days ago?”
“Why don’t you take a look?” said Ed, and began to roll over onto his enormous stomach. He was really huffing and puffing as he struggled to move. It was really hot seeing this – he was almost too fat to roll over on his own. He had to stop and catch his breath halfway through, taking a break to eat a fried drumstick. Here he was, so obese he almost couldn’t move, and all he could think of was food. When he started to move again, every burst of movement was accompanied by a short fart, until he finally got into position on his giant belly with his ass in the air.
“Whew! That made me hungry!” he said, and began to eat from the fried chicken bucket again. “I haven’t taken a dump since the last time you were over here, and that was a few days ago. Can you look and see if my shithole recovered? That turd was so thick I thought I’d never get it out!”
I spread his giant, white ass cheeks to look into his deep, stinky ass crack. The stench of unwashed asshole was so strong it made my eyes water. His ass lips were getting bigger and when he ripped a fart right in my face, they made it even louder by vibrating against his fat. “Ahhhhh, dude, I can feel the head of my first log right there at my asshole. But it’s too thick, it won’t come out. I just keep farting around it. Feels so nice,” Ed moaned.
That was too much for me and I buried my face in his asscrack, licking and sucking his stinky hole. He began to grunt and I realized he was masturbating by rubbing his dick against his many fat rolls. What a lucky guy! Since he was laying on his stomach, the bottom part of his belly was smooshed way below his ass, coming down to his knees. I shoved my dick into one of his lower stomach folds that was spread out on the bed, fucking the soft fat rolls as I licked and tongue his asshole.
“Watch out dude, I think I’m really gonna cut a nasty one,” Ed said.
I pulled my head away from his asshole for a second and said, “Whatever man, it’s just a fart. Let it rip,” and went right back to rimming his fat ass.
“No really, it’s gonna be a nasty fart. I can feel the gas moving” he said between greedy bites of food. “Oh shit dude I can’t hold it!” And with that, Ed cut the biggest, wettest fart ever right into my mouth.
“I warned ya!” he said.
“Oh man, that was a huge explosion. Your hole is really gaping now and I can see some turd nuggets inside it.” His asshole was dilating, letting off little puffs of gas and revealing the bumpy, hard end of a giant log.
“Uh-oh dude, I can feel my log trying to come out. I wanna hold in my shit for a few more days so that it’s even more massive,” Ed said as he chomped on his fried chicken. “Is there anything you can plug my hole with?”
He didn’t have to tell me twice. I got up and straddled Ed’s obese ass, lowering myself over his open asshole and stuck my dick right into the massive, dry log trying to squeeze out his hole. I felt the rough, bumpy nuggets of constipated shit surrounding my dick. “Fuck dude!” Ed exclaimed. “It feels like I’m even more full of turds. Keep pushing that log back up there.”
It felt so good to be fucking his huge, hard turd. The exercise really got my bowels moving and I could feel my heavy, week-long burden of shit become even heavier. My constipated shit load was putting even more pressure on my asshole, and I was letting out little squeaker farts constantly. I knew I would have to take a real whopper of a dump pretty soon.
I thrusted until the massive log was so far back up his asshole that his sphincter closed around my dick. “Now I can relax my hole and purge some of this gas. Thanks man,” Ed said and began farting around my dick, which had me coming in no time.
“We need to find a better solution to this, dude. It’s only a matter of time before I give you a piss enema and your logs are just gonna come sliding out,” I said. “Plus, I think I’m gonna have to take a mean dump myself in minute here.” With each fart, I could feel my asshole opening a little more, trying to expel the log that I had built up for so long.
“Well, man, if you’re gonna be birthin’ a real fat, hard one, why don’t you use that as my buttplug?” said Ed.
I pulled my cock out of Ed’s hole and he let out a massive, greasy fart. “Just do it quick, dude, cuz I’m gonna lay some logs if you don’t!”
I squatted down on his huge ass, which stuck up in the air enough for me to just sit right on it. I sat at an angle to him so that my whole ass sank down in his enormous, fat crack and our assholes were touching. I ripped a fart right into Ed’s open hole, and he ripped one right back into mine. It felt amazing, and I didn’t want to rush the dump I had waited a week for, so I just let my log move slowly with no straining. My ring stretched wider and wider, and Ed kept farting right into me. I could feel my turd’s huge, bumpy bulk begin to move past my asshole and into Ed’s. He moaned loudly.
“Fuck, dude! Your log is so fat! You really are constipated. It feels like you’re sticking a baseball bat up my ass,” he said.
“Now you’re gonna have all your turds in you, plus seven days of mine. I can’t believe how full you’re gonna be,” I said. I knew my constipation filled me with pounds and pounds of rock-hard, impacted shit that was slowly exiting me, knob by knob.
Finally, my giant turd exited my asshole, which slammed shut and began to release the kind of stinky gas that is trapped behind huge turds for days on end. Ed farted right back at me, and said, “I’ve never been so full of shit, man. I feel like I gained twenty pounds today without the food.” We both had a laugh at that.
“How much do you weigh, anyways?” I asked, looking over the obese body of this man who had never really stopped eating since I got over to his house.
“The last time I was weighed, 550. But that was a while ago and I’m definitely fatter now. I know my clothes don’t fit anymore, and they were like 6XL. I just seem to keep getting bigger.” With that, he let out a rumbling, low fart that lasted almost thirty seconds. “Dude, your load is really giving me gas. You’re gonna have to be my buttplug from time to time because I can feel all these logs just trying to come out.”
I got up and stuck my dick back into his turd-filled hole. I could definitely handle being his buttplug.

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