Constipated Bad.

I had been staying in a London hotel last week, nothing fancy, just away for work. I had not shit for a good few days and was really starting to feel it! During the days I tried to ignore the urges to empty my bowels, telling myself I could do it in peace back at the hotel. That way if I clogged the toilet, again, nobody would know.

On the fourth evening I really needed to go but was enjoying feeling full, and anyway I could hold on. I probably shouldn’t have though. There came a point the day after when I started getting terrible urges to shit and so I decided I would just have to go. At lunchtime I headed away from the other people I has been meeting with and found the ladies room.

I worried about clogging the toilet but I needed to go too badly to care. I sat on the toilet and stopped trying to hold it back, feeling my anus opening wide but nothing started to come out, there was just pressure. I pushed to get things started but was unable to get anything out! I reached down to feel a very firm shit just sitting there inside me, refusing to budge. Since I don’t normally get constipated I started to think of what could be causing it, them remembered that the medication I am on does have constipation as a side effect.

This was bad, I still had an afternoon meeting to get through. I tried to sit quietly in the meeting and not say anything, but sitting still is the hardest thing to do when you are bursting to shit. Whenever I was asked a question I tried to answer quickly and keep any strain out of my voice. I was uncertain whether one guy knew what was up as he kept glancing my way.

The taxi ride to the hotel was similarly uncomfortable. It was one of those black London cabs where the driver just wants to talk all the time. He asked the usual questions like “how long are you in town for?”, “what brings you to London?” and so on. All I could offer was strained responses like “just…just..a few days…uuggh”, as my stomach cramped and my bowels fought to be emptied. Eventually I told him I had some stomach problems as I felt had to say something as to why I was unable to sit still, was cradling my abdomen, and had such trouble talking clearly.

There was a chemist near where I was staying so I went there for laxative, which I took in the hotel elevator to save time. Getting the keycard into my door took some fumbling but as soon as I was inside I slammed the door, bent double, and tried to push the shit out. I didn’t care that I still had clothes on, I just needed it out! As I pushed hard I caught sight of myself in the mirror – bent over and red-faced with gritted teeth, trying to shit myself.

It was no use, I was going to have to wait for the laxative to work. The next few hours were very uncomfortable. I tried watching TV, taking a shower, anything to take my mind off the situation, but I found I could only squirm, push, and wriggle. While in the shower I probed my anus a little since I could just wash my hands easily, and felt the terrible monster shit just stuck there all solid and dry. It still wasn’t coming out so I dressed and went back to the main room.

Eventually I pushed hard in response to monumental pressure in my rectum and felt the terrible stinging sensation of my anus opening around the head of the monster log. This was painful enough that I jumped to my feet and used my hand to push it back, but I knew what I had to do.

I realised that I was sweating and panting, and that what I was about to do was going to hurt me, but I bent over again and pushed. My anus once again peeled around the end of the monster. I was right about it hurting. Only about an inch had come out, but at least it was coming out. I pushed hard again, grunting and moaning as I got the log moving again. I wanted to stop after another inch or so due to the pain but I could not, my rectum was forcing this out whether I wanted or not now. I was so carried away with the sensation and pain that it didn’t even occur to me that I was still clothed until the monster started making a bulge in my underwear. I thought about ripping my skirt and underwear off, but then realised I would shit on the floor! During all this the log was slowly emerging, with every bulge and bump on it feeling like a fresh paper-cut right to the anus. I could not stop my eyes watering as the shit shoved its way out of me, eventually falling from my underwear onto the carpet anyway!

To my surprise a second turd started coming out, not that I could have stopped it as my exhausted anus was in no condition to fight it back. This nestled itself in my panties, and I realised that it was over.

Walking was difficult. Sitting was painful. I cleaned up and tried not to think to much about the damage done “down there”.

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  1. I was on constipation that caused constipation as well. i know how it feels. it really sucks. i decided to stop the medication because of it. you’re not alone in medication induced constipation.

  2. Great story, very hot. The thought of you grimacing and grunting trying to pass the hard turd is very arousing. I would have loved to be there and encourage you to push hard

  3. Your story reminds me of the time I was on holidays with some friends, just after we finished school. Almost as soon as we started our holiday, I realized I was constipated and didn’t poop for at least the first 3 or 4 days. I probably could have forced it out but the feeling it gave me was quite enjoyable, so I decided to keep holding it in. On the 6 or 7 day, while we were driving to our next destination a battle began between the first huge log trying to force its way out and me wanting to keep it in. It was making the rather boring drive quite exciting so I began challenge just how far the battle could go. To my surprise that was quite a lot and best of all I knew what it was doing to my underwear.

    like most challenges it eventually ended when the first log escaped just a bit to far. No matter how hard I tried retreat was impossible and so was cutting my losses. Eventually the huge log pushed its way into my underwear, giving the next log in line the same escape opportunity. The log in my underwear felt like it was at least 15 cm and 4 cm wide and so firm it had pushed itself around my underwear. Sitting in my seat didn’t seem to make any difference and it was like I was sitting 3 cm higher. The next two logs felt exactly the same and to make it even better none of my friends seemed to notice and the longer we drove the better it felt. I had pooped in my underwear and none of them knew.

    Stopping at a roadhouse gave me the perfect opportunity change my underwear, but when I went in the toilets, I found myself with a new challenge. Not only were the logs in my underwear exactly how they had felt in the car they didn’t smell. Even though I had been sitting on them for a while all three logs were still separate and astonishingly long and round. As I sat in the toilet admiring my underwear, I began wonder what it would be like to keep wearing them not knows where or when we were going to stop next. No one had realized and it was making me rather excited, so I decided to continue the challenge.

    That turned out to be much more interesting than I anticipated when our destination that day turned had no toilets or bathrooms.

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