Constipated A Lot

Hi everyone. My name’s Tristan, I’m 20, I’ve posted on some other sites about these kinds of things, but glad I’ve finally joined this site.

I have chronic constipation and I have for most of my life. I usually only go once every few days and it’s often pretty hard and thick and difficult to get out by then. I always have to push and grunt a lot when I poop. Hope to meet some other people who are interested in constipation since that’s mainly what I’m interested in talking about. This is something I’ve never been comfortable talking about in person, but it’s so cool that there are others online who don’t mind talking about it.

I just wanted to share the last time I was badly constipated: Last week I realized after not long that it had been almost four days since I last pooped without much of an urge at all. I decided to try and poop. I used the bathroom in the basement because I didn’t anyone hearing me straining lol, sometimes I don’t care, but it can be pretty embarrassing. I started pushing really hard just sitting on the toilet but all I coudl feel was this hard mass right near my hole that didn’t want to come out. I tried pulling apart my buttcheeks to see if that would help but it still came close to coming out, but then didn’t go any further. I eventually decided to try a different position. I tried squatting on the floor and pushing. My face was probably turning red while I did that because I know it does sometimes when I push really hard. Finally I felt it coming out just a little bit. I went back to sitting on the toilet and pushing. It was one of those where it felt almost like it was going back in after I pushed, so it was really frustrating. After a while of doing that it finally started moving out more. I could tell it was a really big thick firm dark brown one. I finally got it out by pushing really hard several times in a row and grunting really loudly. It came out and nearly clogged the toilet when I flushed (which happens a lot to me).

That seems to be how I often poop! I guess I don’t mind it as much as I used to, but it can be annoying (and painful). My butt was so sore after that one. Anyway, thank you for reading this. I hope I can think of some other stuff to post too.

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  1. Hi Tristan,

    I still get constipated from time to time now but had it constantly all the way through school and into my early 20’s. like you it hurt if I tried to make it come out so my solution was to ignore what my body was telling me and just let it come out by itself. That wasn’t exactly the smartest idea especially during school but it always hurt to much if I tried to do it in the toilet even though I knew what was eventually going to happen. I was also to embarrassed to go to the toilet to poo at school, friends houses or when anyone was around which made my situation even worse and lead to some much more embarrassing experiences. At the time I actually liked doing it in my underwear but only when I knew no one was going to find out, problem was my constant constipation and fear of toilets meant I sometimes did it when I didn’t want to.

    One of the most embarrassing was on a river cruse with my friends when I was 19 or 20. It was Christmas holidays at the time so most of my friends had time off and some had decided to stay at the house I shared with a friend, like they often did. That’s usually wasn’t a problem with my toilet fears because I always seemed to find the opportunity to go without anyone knowing but that didn’t happen that time. By the time we got to the marina where the cruse left from my body was making it clear I had to go to the toilet but to my horror there were people there and our cruse was about to leave. The toilets on the boat were even worse because they were out the back where a lot of people were standing so I simply decided not to go. Somehow the fear of using the toilets over road what I knew was going to happen and it wasn’t long before a massive big log started forcing its way into my underwear. By the time my body had finished doing what I should have done a long time before my underwear were so full it felt like they were going to tear open. Instead of going it the toilet and removing the very firm load or getting rid of my underwear I just hoped no one was going to notice but it wasn’t long before all my friends and the people on the boat knew what I had done.

    That was the day I decided to get some control over my fears but it still took quite a while.

  2. I have a group to help people who are constipated if you want to check it out. love the story.

  3. Nice story, Tristan. I get constipated fairly often too. Your description sounds like how I poop sometimes. Thanks for sharing and hope you share more.

  4. Thank you for sharing this, Tristan. I have suffered from constipation in the past. I wish a place like this had existed then. I hate that most people are so prudish about it.
    Now I am seldom constipated, although it is a great turn on for me and sometimes I miss my hard constipated turds that took ages and lots of effort and pain to come out. But I don’t want to make myself artificially constipated again. Constipation must be natural, or not be at all.

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