Conference call pooping

This is a true story. With the pandemic in full swing, I’ve been banned from my office and have had to work from home. As is my wife. At first this was very annoying as I didn’t have much alone time to indulge in my “play”. Even though I was working in a spare bed room downstairs that I turned into an office and due to the sensitive nature of some of my work, I often keep the door closed, but most often I was genuinely busy. Note that there is a full bathroom off this room.

One day I was managing the communication bridge on a very high profile Network outage right before a monthly client management meeting which I host. The critical nature of the outage was such that it took all my focus and so when I started up my client meeting, I soon realized that I hadn’t pooped yet that morning. I figured I would wait until the meeting was over, but the feelings in my gut got worse, and some idiot kept asking questions prolonging the discussion on my meeting.

That’s when it dawned on me. My door was already shut, and my webcam is only showing from me above my desk, and my chair was a hard plastic chair. So, from that point on I just relaxed everything and soon it all came out in my pants. A full load of poop as well as my full bladder. It all came out as I was directly addressing the clients technology manager. My only concern was that if I farted they would hear it but enough people were talking in the background that it went unnoticed the one time I did it. It felt fantastic, and as I finished my hour long meeting I had started to wiggle a bit on the chair and move around.

After the meeting, I turned off the camera and turned it around for good measure. I booked myself out for a fake meeting for the next hour and had one of the best cums I’ve had in a long time and then cleaned up, threw my clothes in the laundry, and opened some windows. Now, I try to time my pooping so I can do that as much as I can. I’ve done it in front of VP’s and CEO’s as well as some of the cute little java programmers on my team. I love this new thing!

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