Computer pooping

Last night I was at my computer before bedtime and I felt the urge to poop.I had been holding it most of the evening while I watched tv and it felt like t was going to be a nice soft one.I was on youtube looking at some fashion shows with see through tops and watching the girls walking with tits bouncing so nicely.I just relaxed and could feel it start to move and soon it was touching my panties just a little.At that stage your body might try to stop the movement and mine did,so I had to push just gently.It felt so good as a slow soft poop crept out and began to spread in my panties as I rocked back and forward.I so enjoyed that feeling and when I went for my shower later it had reached my waistband at the back and was well up the front too.Naturally I rubbed for a while and squirted strongly into my panties.MY slacks had a good size stain at the back too and between my legs,but I left them to dry overnight and this morning they were still a little damp so I lay them down in front of my fan heater,no jokes guys,and in about 30 minutes they had dried in the hot air flow.Then I dry scrubbed the poop dust off and I am wearing them again.I will change into my skirt soon to go to work.

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