Completely lost control

My name’s Sean and this is my most recent interesting experience. When I was 23 years old, me and my boyfriend at the time were invited to a friend’s wedding over the Christmas break. It was a late afternoon wedding and evening reception, and we had another friend as our designated driver which means that both me and my BF were free to drink and dance the night away. My boyfriend at the time was about 50 pounds heavier than I was (I was around 145), but I insisted on keeping up with him when it came to drinking. By the end of the night, we had both had about 7 glasses of wine, which for him meant he’d wake up with a memorable hangover, but I was positively goofy. Our designated driver was a total pro and made sure to get us some drive-thru snacks and made sure we drank plenty of water. Knowing that we’d had a lot to drink (I’m sure it was obvious, if if we hadn’t told him how much it was) he made us drink lots and lots and lots of water on the 45 minute drive home. At least two and a half of the medium sized fast food cups (at least for me). By the time we all got to the friend’s house, I could barely get up the stairs to the room where our air mattress was set up. It was probably a couple hours past midnight, so I stripped off my suit and was just in my t-shirt and briefs, and all I remember was grabbing a blanket and crawling into bed next to my boyfriend. I could barely feel my lips, let alone my bladder. I was asleep about 30 seconds thereafter. At around 5 in the morning I slowly gained consciousness. The light was still on in the room, I’m sure neither me nor my boyfriend thought to turn it off as we were so out of it when we got there. I turned a little to find that my arm felt damp. I grasped at my t-shirt, and it was damp too, all the way from my waist up to my armpit. The air mattress also was damp, as it had a thin cloth-like layer on the surface that was clearly two-toned. Had I been sweating? Did I spill water on myself in the middle of the night? I reached down further to check the front of my briefs. They were completely soaked. I pulled my hand to my nose and smelt the distinct smell of pee. Oh my god, I thought. I’ve pissed the bed for the first time in years, what’s worse is my boyfriend is sleeping here with me, and it’s not even in our own house, but his friend’s. Luckily it was only 5 in the morning, so I would have time to dispose of as much of the evidence as possible. I pulled my blanket off of me, my boyfriend still dead asleep, and I leaned my chest forward to take a look at the damage. That’s when I realized how bad it really was. It wasn’t so much what I saw when I leaned forward as what I felt. A definitely warm and large load in the seat of my pants. I reached down to my briefs, moving my hand over the wet outline of my semi-hard cock, back between my legs. My briefs were completely full of shit, some of it flattened out against my inner thigh. Things had just gone from bad to very bad. The only saving grace was that the load, while massive, was remarkably solid. I slowly climbed off of my mattress, in part to keep my boyfriend asleep, but also to prevent any more mess. I waddled to the closest bathroom (thankfully right next to the room I was sleeping in), locked the door, turned on the light, and saw myself there in a full length mirror. My t-shirt half soaked in my own piss, and my soggy loaded briefs sagging under their own weight. It was perhaps my lowest moment, I hadn’t wet my bed since I was very young (except once when I was 17), and I had never shit myself (not even as a little kid). It was embarrassing and arousing. I jumped in the shower with my shirt and underwear on to rinse the rest of the mess and piss off of me. I changed into dry clothes (I had brought actual pajamas that I was supposed to have changed into the night before) and I found a trash bag and threw my wet blanket into it and tied it up. In the morning I convinced my boyfriend that I had only wet the bed. He thought it was hilarious and helped cover for me. He took his friend out to coffee in the morning which gave me time to throw the air mattress in the dumpster and put the trash bag in my trunk. Since then I haven’t had a repeat occurrence, but I try not to drink that hard anymore unless I know I’m going to be sleeping in my own bed, by myself.

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  1. I know how you felt. I have pissed the bed loads of times, but not shit in it. Mostly it has happened at home on my own, so no problem as I always have a plastic cover protecting my mattress. Sometimes I am dreaming of pissing and wake up wet.
    I pissed the bed once in a gay hotel in Amsterdam. They found out and threatened to charge me for the cleaning bill, but when I checked out, they forgot haha.

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