I have a colonoscopy appointment this coming up Wednesday. in preparation, the doctor prescribed me something called BowelPrep, which is a heavy laxative. I’m sort of looking forward to it in a way, because i never ever take laxatives, especially not recreationally.
this might change things, as i think about all that soft, semi-liquid poo coming out of me, and all the time i will be spending on the toilet.
part of me wants to explode in my pants and have it run all over me and down my leg and into my shoes. another part of me wants to just hang out in the shower and just let loose, and jack off while i do it. might as well make a game of it, don’t you agree?
i usually get turned on by holding out as long as possible when i have to poo/pee, it’s far better than any orgasm i’ve ever had.

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  1. Colonoscopy preperation is an intense experience. I’ve just witnessed my mate go through it. I hung out with him while he did it and let me tell you, every 30 mins or so, a completely liquid shit will explode out of you. You won’t have long to make it to the bathroom. The first few poops will be like intense diarrhea. So they’ll be fun to have in a diaper/underwear. But then after that you’ll need something absorbant. Heheh Let us know how it goes! 🙂

  2. Having been though this laxative procedure twice I am thinking you might have changed your mind about how great it is by the time you get to the end of it.
    But as puggeorge said Let us know how it goes.

  3. Been there, done that. A totally unpleasant experience. You will be totally raw and nearly bleeding by the end.

  4. the first two or three times it was nasty, but eventually it was just the liquid running through my system. at that point, i would start leaving my pants on.

  5. I have done this recreationally I have taken the bowel prep diapered up in a good diaper and plastic pants and held on for as long as possible. When the laxatives take over my will to hold on and loose it in my diaper yes it feels ” better than any orgasm i’ve ever had. “

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