Colon is packed with a hard, dry, heavy week’s worth of constipated poop.

Spent the last few days being super lazy and gotging on my favorite constipating foods. Feeling the loaf I’m baking get thicker and more solid by the meal…I can barely move and constantly release super putrid farts. The gas smells really unhealthy and it can barely seep out around this megaturd which is always wanting to crown. I am in poop holding heaven with waves of pleasure going thru my engorged colon. It’s gonna be hell to try and birth this log but it feels so good inside me. The longer I wait the more painful the birth but it just feels too orgasmic to grow this constipated grogan.

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  1. Hey I’m also holding in a big one. Mine will also hurt when it comes out tonight. Send me a message

  2. I was on a 5.5 hour drive today and had to shit the whole time. Felt good letting out a little gaseous pressure and it STUNK just like the shit. I loved it. When I arrived, I got my camera and recorded me dropping that load into my Dockers.

  3. I wish I could find a boy willing to be a few days for me. Having to put up with their shit for days just because they ordered it, feeling like their colon is compact and expanding and the waves of need …
    They are only dreams of a fem sun

  4. I am in the same condition. I have been on vacation and eaten a huge amount of unhealthy food. It is backed up deep into my colon and won’t move. The gas that is coming out of me is rancid. It escaped involuntarily several times at the gym today.

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