College Life Wet

So I’ve always been bigger then most of my buddies. Around 14-15 I just grew. It really wasn’t until I was in sports that I realized not all of me grew. My dick was like half the size of other guys. Close to the size of my middle finger. So I thought if I worked out a lot and didn’t touch my dick (catholic) that it would grow. It wasn’t just that is was smaller though. If I sneezed my dick would leak. I was is a lot of sports and ran a lot and I always wore dark shorts cause if I ran my dick would dribble the whole time. Sometimes if I got tackled I’d start pissing and I’d have to lay on the ground until I could get control again. I used to steal my sister’s pads and put one in my jock so I could piss some and know one would know. I got caught (kinda) the first time when I was picking up some extra study books for my team from one of my professors. I was waiting by his desk and I could feel my dick tingling and I know that usually means I’ve got to pee or worse that I’ve already started to pee. I didn’t want to look down or grab my dick in front of him so I grabbed the books and ran out of the building. When I got to my car the damage was minimal. My crotch was wet but not much more then that. When I walked into my dorm my room mate stared right at my jeans and giggled. ‘I knew your dick was small bud damn dude, control yourself’. I told him to fuck off, it was hot out. I went to the drug store and bought some womens pads. They were of course for my girlfriend. I wore them for the next week i didn’t have to even look down when I was leaking. I had a wicked practice mid day and had a lot to drink so my pad was done before my day was. I was in my last class and was squirming through a lecture when my dick started getting wet. I knew what was happening and crossed my legs. Problem was the water I drank in practice. I was pissin hard. i couldn’t control anything as it was streamin out.I could feel it wetting my jeans down past my knees. I sat there staring straight at the professor willing him to stop. With out a word he let everyone go and I thought is would take for ever for them to leave. I kept waiting for him to leave but he stead behind his desk. I knew my whole ass was soaked so there was no way I was leaving. He finally looked up and motioned for me to come down to him. I didn’t know what was going to happen. I’m real muscular so I thought about just punching him once and maybe knocking him out. He wasn’t really big, but he sacred to shit outta me. He looked up again and I decided the punch was not an option. I stammered around and he looked at me again hard. I said fuck it and walked down head up pants soaked what ever. when I got down to his desk he looked at me a smiled a little and I felt my cock relax and pee a little more. I think he knew. He took my into his office and told me to take my jeans off. I can’t even believe I’m writing this, but I did. I stood there with my soak boxers clinging to my legs and looked him right in the eye. Of course then my stupid little dick decided to piss down my leg. The humiliation of pissing your self in front of another man is about as bad as you can get until he reaches in to your boxers and pulls out your boy sized cock. He stared at my dick and smiled. ‘I’m going to teach you a little more control, until then’ and he handed me a diaper. ‘This is for boys, fuck off.’ He stared at me hard. I turned around and put in on. My waist is narrow but I’m a runner so my thighs ripped the sides a little.  It was snug and I felt really safe and comforted by the bulk of it. I drove to his house behind him so I could wash my clothes without my roommate knowing what happened. I peed a little on the way and didn’t even feel it because of the diaper. I felt totally in control when I walked to his door. He let me in and my control fell a little. He obviously had a lot of money. To make matters worse I could feel the diaper get heavy between my legs. i knew I was pissing my self. He led me into a room that I cannot describe but I knew he meant business. He made me take my jeans off. then cupped his hand around the bulging diaper covering my shrinking cock. He pulled the tapes on the sides of he diapers and it fell off me. My dick hung there dripping pee between my thighs. I hung my head to match. He smiled and compared my cock to his thumb then slide his thumb hard in y ass. I had only been with girls so i  pushed him back. he elbowed me in the ribs and forced me to my knees. I was so shocked I let him. When he fingered my crack my cock throbbed as is grew. It never did that with a girl so I thought maybe it was growing finally. He kept fingering my ass until I came harder then I’d ever come before. With out a break he stuck his dick in me and started fucking my ass. My dick throbbed and came like three fucking times before he was done. I woke up in the morning in a king size bed in a soaking diaper that I didn’t put on. My clothes were folded on the chair and and my car was full of gas. I’m thinking of being a little desperate for Germain Lit again. or maybe after.

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