College boy Luke & his first time piss.

This is how I met my now ex-partner Luke. We were together two and a half and a half years after this  first  meeting……. ENJOY.

Luke was cute. I had first met him 6 months ago on a Tuesday afternoon around 4pm. I had just left work and was feeling quite horny. I walked down to the local bus station knowing there was a college opposite and I knew the students would have just finished for the day. I walked past the gents toilets about 3 times before I saw him walking towards me. He was stunning, 5ft 8in, about 17 years old, slim, blonde hair wearing blue jeans, trainers and a t-shirt that just made him look so cool. I smiled gently as he passed, looking back to see if he would look back too and he did. I slowed down sort of just hanging around, looking at him and looking away then looking back. He was doing the same so I started to walk back towards him. As i approached the gents toilets, I nodded for him to follow me in. Once inside, I made my way to a cubicle, walked into it and left the door wide open. He appeared, slowly, quite nervously. There was now one stood at the urinals which made it easier for him to quickly decide to follow me into the cubicle. He closed the door behind him and we started kissing straight away. His lips were slim, soft and kissing him was beautiful. My hand reached down and | started to rub his jeans. I could feel his cock was hard. I unbuttoned his jeans and put my hand inside his white Calvins. I held his cock in my hand whilst we were snogging, gently and slowly wanking it.

I knelt down and pulled his cock from his CK’s. I wrapped my lips round  it and started to suck his hard cock gently. I didnt want him to cum too quickly. I could feel his hands running through my hair as I sucked him. The smell of piss coming from the urinals and this beautiful cock in my mouth was making my cock throb. I desperately wanted to taste his hot piss but wondered if he would understand or would he think it was too freaky and scare him off?
I stopped sucking and I stood up, we kissed some more. I put my hand up his t-shirt and started feeling his totally smooth chest and rubbing his nipples as we kissed. By now my cock was close to exploding without having to touch it…..
His cock was getting softer and I knew that if he needed to piss, he would be able to right now. I decided to ask him. “Do you think you could piss”? “Yes” he replied, “Why”? I told him I wanted him to piss in my mouth and I saw the excitement in his eyes straight away. He quietly whispered “I really wanna do that”. I knelt down and wrapped my lips I could see the concentration on his face and I told him to “Just relax”. His body relaxed and I could feel the excitement building again. “It’s coming” he said. I laid there looking at him, watching his face as I knew piss was rushing from his cock inside me. I could now feel his piss filling me up. It was so intense. I watched him push out his final squirt and I gently grabbed his body to roll us over with his cock still inside me. He was now laid on the wet bed and I was sat on top of his cock, we started kissing once again and I could feel his cock getting harder. I started to ride his cock sliding up and down, up and down. His hot piss started running back out of me now. Piss was running down his cock and balls once  again. He was fucking me now harder and harder. I started wanking my cock and I knew I was going to cum soon. “Fuck me Luke”, “Oh yeah, keep fucking me” His eyes were closed but his mouth opened to tell me he was going to cum, “Me too” I told him and with that, hot spunk started shooting from my cock all over him. “I’m cumming, i’m cumming” he said. More spunk shot from my cock landing on his neck, my hand reached out to rub it all over his body, he was really sticky as I laid down on top of his to kiss him. His hot breath and the sound of his excitement was the final cherry on this cake. xxx

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  1. Even if it sounds fictional your story is very erotically and sensually. In thoughts I was watching you playing 😉

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  3. A very erotic story, and very well written. Really had ;me going with a nice hard on. Was picturing me in your story.

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