Collection of veridic, public panty pooping adventures. (pt.1)

Hello there 😉 i’ve pooped my pants in public many many times but not in crowded places. I have been alone for a couple of days and i had 3 adventures in public so.. i will whrite explicitly each day in parts. Enjoy!

It was like seven afternoon and it was sooo cold. Don’t know why but i had the idea to make a quick shopping. I needed some stuff to make some food.
When i was dressing up, i felt i had a big load pushing the cargo door so i had the brilliant idea to make poo-poo in my pants in a crowded place but making it look accidental.
SO, put my favorite briefs on (tight gray ones), and a old, tight jeans, a sweter and my jacket. Made my shopping and when i was looking for a nice place to do it, i saw  a public park barely enlightened with some people around. One old man with their sons, people running etc, the clasic public park.
I walked in, and decided to just sit on a bench and let it all go right there. 
Crossed one leg over the other and pushed just a bit. I felt the begining of what we know as a muddy load, soft and warm. Let a bit out and it felt really nice. 
One or two minutes later, i decided to just totally shit my pants, why not! so i pushed strong and i heard a krackle sound meanwhile a big cake warm and squishy was taking form in my butt and between my crotch.
In that moment i felt really scared of the situation and started to walk to the exit. 
I was walking all stright and passed a group of young boys laughing and talking about who knows and i was thinking -oh no please, don’t sniff at me!-
And i took a look back and they didn’t noticed anything. 
The load was bouncing between my asscheeks leaving behind a nice smell and messing my briefs and thigs.
I walked back to home really scared to not be seen by anyone. The street was FULL of people and i was TERRIFIED, i mean, never pooped my pants in crowded places.
When i was like2 minutes from my house, in a quieter place, i decided to step near a bus stop and let it all finish there.
I pushed the end of the load and i felt a stream of pee running between my legs.
I walked carefuly back to my house with my butt all squishy and one leg really wet. The wind was leaving me SO freezed…
I reached home, cleaned up and done 🙂 
Next day, i did the same but in other street less crowded but full of cars moving around. 
Hope you liked it 😉

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  2. çà peut arriver à n’importe qui que de lacher sa grosse charge dans son slip !!!
    et même si les gens se sont rendu compte de quelques chose, tu ne les reverras surement jamais alors ose faire de grosses charges dans tes slips ou shortys …

  3. i would have noticed as i always check out others butts when out. never been lucky to see some one like you but would love to some day then we could have some fun.

  4. can be a bit scary i know and dukeofear is right, no one hardly ever notices unless ya stand next to them or something.i have wore pooped pants all over wal-mart befor.

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