Cold Night, Warm Jeans

A couple of weeks ago I was in bed surfing the net and looking at the WPB site and thought “I can probs make use of those broken jeans tonight…” So I got out of bed bursting for a pee and really needing to shit too, got dressed and crept out of my uni house at 1am. I also gave a text to a guy who I knew would appreciate a call such as this so that I could talk him through it and let him decide what I was going to do.

So I set off out of the estate and to the T-junction of the main road. Here he called me and then I said “Right, I can either go into the woods to do this or you can have me walk down the main road for a bit.” Obviously he chose the road and so I walked a few hundred metres and then he’s told me to let some out. By the time I got to the turning that would lead me back towards my house I was very obviously wet which felt wonderfully warm against the frosty night. If any of the cars passing by had bothered to look at me then they would have seen that I had obviously wet myself…

I turned down the alley back towards the estate and here is where he told me to let it all go. I had to be a little careful as there were CCTV cams that might have been giving the security guys a bit of show but I couldn’t hold it anymore anyway. So I let out a huge load into my jeans which, as I had loose boxers on, some of it fell out the bottom of my jeans. I walked around a little bit enjoying the warm feeling around my ass and dick and then got changed there and then in the street into a pair of joggers, wrapped the stuff in a plastic bag and dumped it all in a bin.

I then crept back into the house and into my room where, before I cleaned up I got a little rough and ready with some objects in my not too clean ass. After stretching it out and having a good time and blowing a pretty good load, I cleaned up, hopped in the shower to clean myself and then got back into bed.

Sometimes it just needs to be done 😉

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  2. I would have liked to have been able to been there to pick up those jeans you put into the dumpster so I could wear them around and take home to enjoy.

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