Coach Carman Pt. 2

These stories are a fantasy of mine that I would like to make come true. If you could help make these fantasies a reality please let me know.

Steven sat there, still on the toilet due to his bowels under the influence of the strong laxative and fiber he had been tricked into taking by his coach.

“Clean yourself up, it’s time for your appointment with the nurse” said Coach Carman. Steve froze with tears running down his face. He got up and pulled up his pants and came out of the stall. “I’ve been looking at your files and you way over do for a physical” said the coach. He than escorted Steven to the nurse office, there he sat Steven down in the hall and went in check him in. As Steven sat there he couldn’t help but think about what was happening “What is Coach up to? Is he some kinda perve?” 10 minutes went by and Steven could only panic think about what was going to happen next.
Steven was called in and as he entered the room the feeling of fear hit him see that the coach hasn’t left yet. “Steven, I’m nurse Kent; your coach has asked that he stay for the physical.” Steven gulped as he saw the nurse and the coah look at him with a smugged smile. “Would you like a glass of water, you look a little dehydrated?” Unable to tell the nurse why, Steven answered “yes, practice was brutal.” The nurse handed Steven a glass of water that was sitting on the shelf. As Steven drank it he thought that the water had looked funny, with particles floating around. “Okay, let’s get started with the basics” said the nurse. After the nurse checked Steven’s weight, eye, ears, and reflexes and announced it was time for the prostate exam.

The nurse instructed Steven to take off his pmts and underwear exposing his tortured quivering anus. “Okay, now turn around and lean over the table” said the nurse. As Steven stood there the nurse and the coach grabbed his arms and legs cutting and shackling them the table. “WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING?” Yelled out Steven. “We’Dr gonna have some fun with that cute bubblly ass of your” said the coach laughing with the nurse.
“Look what we have for you Steven” said the coach. Steve’s eyes widen as he saw the coach holding a pair of toddler potty training diapers. “You think it’s almost time?” Said coach “Oh yes, it’s time” replied the nurse looking at his watch. “Time for what?” Said Steven. At that moment Steven stomach began to gurgle sporadically. Steven then cut a loud fart into his tightly fitted diaper. 
Steven then knew what was going. ” Oh god, not agin” said Steven thrusting around frantically trying to hold his bowels that were now once agin tortured with a strong laxative. “Let’s take that temperature now, shall we.” Said the nurse as he pulled out a long rectal thermometer. The coach assisted by gagging Steven  with a ball gag then pulling down Steves diaper, he then took his finger and applyed a big scoop of Vaseline to his twitching hole. The nurse then slid the thermometer and began sliding it around Steven’s bubbly but teasing it causing Steven to moan with a bit of pleasure. Finally he slid it up Steven’s anus and gave Steven’ but a small kiss before drawing up his diaper. “And now we wait” said the nurse. Your gonna be a while so we’rd gonna get some lunch” said the coach.
Steven cried out through the ball gag “wetwe woh woo sid moda fodas, idodda dit! (Let me go you sick mother fuckers I gotta shit) “Don’t worry, we’ll be back in a couple of hours” said the coach. “Think he can hold it that long?” asked the nurses. The coach replied “he couldn’t even hold his shit through the first 10 minutes of practice, he’ll be shitting himself as soon as we leave the room.” The coach and the nurse laughed as the closed they left the room.
Steven cried for help but his cries were muffled. He thrusted around trying to free himself but the more he thrusted the more his stomach gurgled. By this time his bowels were ready to explode; the pressure grew and grew causing his stomach to contract forcing out loud wet farts.
Steven felt incredibly bloated, he cried as his stomach began to bowl up like a balloon. All of sudden Steve felt a huge gas bubble growing in his bowles. “WO WO!” (OH NO!) He began to thrust around more frantically but that only made the bubble grow more faster. “DI DANT DODAT (I CAN’T HOLD IT!) The bubble was at it’s max and exploded causing Steven to release a long loud wet juicy fart into his diaper

THURPT…THURPT..HURPT…THURPT…THUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRPPT! SPLLLLAT! Steven’s eyes filled with tears as be felt warm mushy goo pass through his bubbly butt cheeks continuously, filling up his small tightly fitted diapers. The amount of poop was enormous causing the diaper to inflate like a water balloon. He continued to struggle to free himself but the more he struggled the more he shit.
There was hope, he was stuck there in his shit filled diaper
To be continued….

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