Clark's adventure pt 1.

Clark was a strapping 22 gay young man. He like internet sex and… and oh yes getting fucked after wetting his diaper… and sometimes after pooping his diaper or both. He wasn’t into boyfriends more like getting fucked and telling them to leave in the morning. But Clark was never a bed wetter or anything he just loved the thickness of the bulges  and all the other diaper stuff. His favorite diapers were goodnites/drynites and sometimes the occasional kid pull-ups. so now that you’ve got to know Clark here is the story. Clark was out and about one day when he saw the most hottest guy and thought to himself hes gunna be in me tonight. but before he could think of that he only thought about one thing “i have to use the bathroom” and he remembered he was wearing goodnites under his super skinny jeans so he started to wet then felt the urge to poop and he did but when he was done he realized he had a giant pee stain on the front of his jeans and thought to himself “how am i supposed to get that guy now with this giant spot on my jeans, dammit Clark”. and he went up to the guy. 

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