cinema soaking

soon after i had my first pair of plastic pants (see Schooldays wetting) i decided that i would go to the cinema wearing these pants. This would mean that i could relieve myself during the film rather than using the filthy toilets, and enjoy myself with the wetness at the same time.

So every 10 minutes or so i would let go a spurt of piss into my underwear. the warmth and the tickle of piss around my balls and bum was great. The more i did it, the more i wanted to do it again.

Even after i realised that the absorbancy of the pants i was pissing into was not as great as i has supposed, and that i now had soaked the arse of my jeans and the wee was soaking into the seat, i still didnt want to stop.

By the end of the film – I cant even remember what the film title was- i got up to leave and loads of piss ran down my legs and driped on the floor. Thank goodness for the subdued lighting that hid the fact that i was soaking.

I pulled on my coat, made my exit and walked home.

As luck would have it, it was raining hard so any pissing now would not be observed. My 20 minute walk home was taken up with me pissing for all i was worth and completly emptying my bladder.

Once home i was able to change, explaining the wet jeans and underwear on the rain. In my bedroom i enjoyed a fantastic wank standing there in my wet underwear. I used those plastic pants on loads of occasions afterward. But thats another storey.

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  1. I have pissed my pants in the theatre lots of times. Have seen where the piss has run down the floor toward the front of the movie house. A couple of large cokes is all it takes for me to drench myself.

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