Christmas left overs

First of all, thankyou to those of you who commented on my first story, I’m new to this site and appreciate your feed backs. You may remember, I like to do poo in my pants when I’m smartly dressed. 

 Wednesday was the first day back at work after the christmas break, we had already decided to finish early before christmas as we knew many of our customers would not be back until the following week. The change in diet over the christmas break meant I hadn’t been as “regular” as usual. This hadn’t worried me, but I have to admit, by lunch time I really needed to go, but as we were finishing within a couple of hours, the urgency didn’t worry me.I had driven into work that day as I knew the traffic wouldn’t be too bad. 

 On the drive home I let out a right ripping fart, the vibration between my buttocks and the car seat quite excited me! The second fart I let out warned me that what would follow would probably be quite soft, it was a wet fart and I could feel the damp patch in my pants. By the time I got home, there was a matter of urgency and I didn’t hang around getting indoors only because I didn’t want to let anything out too soon. 

 I decided to take my suit off and slip into another pair of trousers, I discarded my jacket on the bed and very quickly slipped out of my suit trousers, things were starting to get desperate now, I opened the wardrobe and found a mid grey pair of trousers that I keep for these kind of occasions. I got one leg into them but in my keeness to get into them as soon as possible, I lost my ballance, I put my arm out to stop myself  and the sudden jolt against the wall made me lose my sences and before I knew it a soft mass had shot out into my pants. I controlled my self quickly, smiling to myself as I guess it was a real accident as it had not been my intention to let it out in the bedroom. 

 I made it to the bathroom and took up my position in the bath. There is a mirror in the shower that reflects into the one over the basin oppisite giving  me a fantastic view of what is going on. I leant against the wall with my knees slightly bent, there was no need to push, just relax as the soft (but not runny) mess fell out of me into my boxer briefs.

The bulge grew rapidly and stopped under its own steam although I was aware that there was still more inside me. I turned my back to the wall and pressed my backside to it enjoying the warm mess spreading inside my pants. I highlighted the bulge that has appeared in the front of my trousers with my left hand while feeling the “damage” that had happened with my other hand.

 I was feeling great. I decided to push the rest out, I turned round again and could see a brown stain soaking into my trousers, I was now so turned on it was untrue. I pushed gently, a fart oozed out bubbling its way into my mess followed very quickly by another hugh mess, this time it shot to the right and I watched the inside of my right leg swell as it went down the leg of my pants.

 I stood up straight and on doing so felt it sliding down my leg towards my knee. At this point I went to get my very hard cock out, I didn’t even realise I had wet myself, a patch about the size of a cricket ball had appeared on my trousers, this had turned out to be one of my best fills ever.

 Having got my cock out I sat on the edge of the bath and had the most fantastic jerk sending the result up the front of my shirt and tie. 

 My shirt went into soak, it’s a good one, I hope the stains will come out, the trousers went in the washing machine ready for next time, the pants didn’t make it, they went in the garbage!!

 Happy New year, many more like that one and it will be!!

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