Chocolate Sundae


He was way too excited. The young man felt like he was about to explode right here and now, and he hadn’t even had his meal yet. The mere sight of the employee in front of him made his dick hard. Roger stared at the heavyset man, gazing at his smooth brown skin that glistened with sweat. His arms and legs were both thick with muscles and fat. He was a bald-headed man with no facial hair, not even sideburns. His chest was buff, but it paled in comparison to the man’s chunky, luscious fat. Roger breathed heavily as he stared at the man’s rotund gut, as if the man was shamelessly showing off his thick pudge. The tall, corpulent man chuckled deeply, his voice carrying a low bass.

“Just a few more minutes,” he growled.

Roger couldn’t even respond. He just whimpered and nodded, his dick already hard inside his underwear. The man chuckled deeply again before he rubbed his sweaty forehead. The air wasn’t on, and the room they were inside only consisted of a very large bed, a closet, a table, and a clock ticking in the background. Roger walked over to the man, listening to him breathe heavily. He flared his nostrils and smelled the sloven man’s body odor, his green flannel shirt drenched in sweat. He smelled the man’s rank breath, which smelled heavily of garlic and probably his own shit, if what he told Roger over the Internet was true. His pants had piss stains on them–stains that were identical to Roger’s own trousers. The young man exhaled as he touched himself, getting on his knees so he could smell the big man’s groin. The dark-skinned giant growled before he rubbed Roger’s head, ruffling his hair. Suddenly, it happened. There was a muffled sputtering noise, followed by the man exhaling.

“Ooh…feels like the sundae’s almost ready! You up for dessert?”

Roger whimpered, looked up, and nodded.

“Good! Now let me just shed all this unnecessary clothing…you think Big Jim stinks now?” The giant man laughed. “Just you wait, boy!”

Big Jim leaned against the footrest of the bed. He grabbed the buttons on his flannel shirt and slowly undid every single one of them. Then he opened up his shirt, exposing his chocolate-colored skin. Roger moaned and grabbed the bulge in his jeans. His stomach was so massive and wobbly; it hung over his waistband and drooped down. Several rolls of fat were spread all around. He had giant, flabby breasts that hung low, making his big body that much sexier. Big Jim smacked his giant belly a few times before he leaned over and farted. There was a faint squish at the end, followed by a sweet, stinky odor. Big Jim exhaled and waved a hand behind his ass, knowing part of his treat was just released. He took off his shirt and tossed it on the floor, moments before he took off his big boots by sliding them off with each foot. Roger got on his knees, and the next thing he knew, he was bending over, sniffing the fat man’s socked feet. Big Jim chuckled as he wiggled his fat toes.

“Hehe, stinky, aren’t they? Didn’t know you were into feet too, boy!”

Roger sniffed twice before he looked up and blushed. “I…I’m-I’m a very dirty…dirty boy…” he moaned.

The obese man grinned. “You came here wanting to eat one of my sundaes. Trust me, it can’t get dirtier than that!”

At the mention of the word “sundae,” Big Jim’s massive belly grumbled again. The brown-skinned man let the customer smell his big feet some more before he groaned and started to reach for his pants zipper. But Roger immediately shot up and took care of that for him. The young man grabbed the zipper and pulled it all the way down before he reached for the man’s waistband and slowly unbuttoned his pants. They collapsed to the floor in only a few seconds, and revealed a pair of stained white briefs that were extremely large and wide, perfectly snug for the big man’s waist. Roger reached down and pressed his nose near Big Jim’s sweaty crotch, breathing in the aphrodisiac, the delicious scent of his musky groin and a pair of piss-stained undies. Big Jim reached down and gave his large package a squeeze, causing more sweat and some precum to leak out of his large dick. His erection throbbed inside his dirty underwear, the cock jolting near Roger’s face. Big Jim exhaled loudly, his bowels on the verge of exploding. The man walked backwards and jumped onto the bed, the giant fixture creaking and nearly snapping from Big Jim’s enormous weight. The obese man grinned and used a finger to gesture Roger to come over. He did, whimpering and panting as he crawled on the bed, still fully clothed. The young man sniffed Big Jim’s smelly feet again, taking in the heady odor of malt vinegar and sweat, before he crawled on top of Big Jim’s belly. He moved his smooth hands all over the moist, glistening, sleek pudge. He patted the fat stomach, watching as it jiggled and sloshed around. Then Roger crawled over towards Big Jim’s head, staring at the man’s face as he breathed heavily. Roger grimaced slightly from Big Jim’s bad breath; he noticed the strong odor of shit on it. And that was exactly what Roger wanted.

Roger leaned down and started to kiss Big Jim, slurping and breathing heavily, his lips pressed against Big Jim’s chunky ones. Big Jim slurped and mumbled too, moving his legs slightly as Roger laid on top of him, pressing his chest against the fat man’s corpulent belly. The two men moaned and panted, their hot breath blasting in each other’s faces. Big Jim spread his legs apart and farted, the noisy, sputtering sound muffled by the mattress. He felt something else come out, but tried to hold it so Roger could see. But one fart led to another fart, which led to a nasty shart. Big Jim grimaced and pushed Roger upwards when he felt his asshole opening up. Some of the marshmallows and part of the banana had already come out. Roger sniffed the air and released more precum. The scent wasn’t too stinky, but the smell of sulfur mixed with the sweet scent of bananas and marshmallows gave off a strange odor.

“Whew! Hope you’re hungry, boy! It’s time for dessert!”

Roger let out an excited shout and sat at the foot of the large bed, giving Big Jim plenty of room. The brown-skinned man groaned with exaggeration, moaning as he lied on his back, rubbing his thick gut. He shut his eyes and gritted his teeth, acting like he was having some serious bowel troubles. Big Jim exhaled before he sharted again, feeling more warm muck filling up his underwear. He couldn’t hold it, not at this point. He rubbed his stomach, breathing quietly, acting like he could hold it when he knew he couldn’t. So Big Jim rolled over onto his plump gut and spread his legs apart. Roger had the perfect view of Big Jim’s stained briefs that were sweaty and had previous skid marks on them. He stared at Big Jim’s massive legs, his colossal ass cheeks clad in the white underwear, and his sweaty rolls of back fat. Big Jim wiggled his toes, and then he groaned. There was a crackling noise, a sputtering explosion, like firecrackers going off underwater. Roger saw the underwear bulge out instantly, although the stain wasn’t brown. It was a dark, cream-colored bulge; Roger thought something was wrong with Big Jim’s digestive system. But when he leaned forward and sniffed Big Jim’s underwear, the sweet scent of marshmallows and bananas filled his lungs again. He smiled, and then grabbed the bulge in his pants and started to rub.

“You ready, boy? Here comes the fudge ice cream!”

Big Jim had plenty of fudge in his system to plant onto his sundae. His asshole opened up, and the giant wave of nasty shit began to come out. His underwear bloated immediately; the cream-colored stains were instantly covered with dark brown shit. Roger saw Big Jim’s underwear bulging outwards in multiple locations, filling with soft, stinky shit. Big Jim could feel a large weight disappearing from his bowels, making him feel more content. There was a muffled splorch, followed by two squishy farts that made Big Jim’s asshole tingle. Big Jim closed his eyes and moaned as he rested his head on the pillow. He pretended that he was sleeping and shitting himself in his slumber, despite being fully aware of his actions. He stuck his butt out and released more shit, the funky mess gurgling and squishing, spreading around his underwear, around his cock and balls. His briefs were so packed that they began to sag like an overused diaper. Big Jim’s cock throbbed inside his underwear, still releasing large amounts of clear precum. The warm shit spread around his fat buttocks, rolling around his scrotum, staining his cock and balls even further. Big Jim and Roger sniffed the air, taking in the delicious, fetid odor of the obese man’s foul shit, of his musky body and smelly feet. Big Jim blew a giant fart at Roger, but the noise was muffled by all of his shit. Big Jim felt his asshole opening up again and opened his mouth to moan. He pushed out so much shit that his underwear visibly sagged again, complete with three more bulges of soft shit pressing against the fabric, ready to break through the funky underwear.

“Oof! S-so good…”

Big Jim whimpered and planted his crotch against his mattress. He panted as he rubbed his groin against the bed a few times, pretending to hump it. Then his back stiffened, and the man moaned as he shook. He could feel more warm fluids filling up his raunchy underwear, only this time, the fluids were coming from his dick. He moaned as his fat black cock pumped out dozens of streams of semen one after another. The creamy substance mixed in with the fudge, the banana and marshmallows, giving his sundae a soft, rich texture. Big Jim pushed out some urine as well, but he made sure he pissed before he met Roger. The last thing he wanted was to water down his sundae with his urine, or ruin the flavor with the overpowering taste of his salty piss. Once Big Jim finished ejaculating, he took several deep breaths and moved. The man pushed out the last torrent of shit with a huge BLORP, causing another massive bulge to form. There was so much shit in his briefs that it started to seep through his leg holes, and some of it even rose up towards the man’s waistband.

“PHEW! Got a smelly sundae today, boy! Smells so good, don’t it? Such a nice, fat, stinky sundae, all yours for the taking.”

Roger wasn’t listening. He was too busy shuddering, and glancing down at the massive sticky stain on his trousers. The young man managed to come without even taking off his clothes. He could already feel the wet fluids bleeding into his underwear and jeans, and the musky smell started to mix in with Big Jim’s sundae. Big Jim moaned a few times before he got on all fours and shook his fat ass. The mess within his underwear noisily sloshed around; Roger heard a few SPLATS as some of the brown mess oozed out his leg holes and plopped onto the bed. Then he reached backwards and rubbed his funky behind, smashing his filth against his oversized buttocks. The oversized man got on his knees, making sure that he had his buttocks planted on the heels of his feet.

“There it is! All fresh and ready for you! Go on, boy. Take the first bite.”

Roger was still paralyzed, stunned after watching the dark-skinned man shit himself so heavily. He wanted to smother his face into the foul-smelling briefs. He thought about shitting himself right in front of Big Jim to pay him back. But most of all, he wanted to taste it. He wanted to see how nasty, how wretched the man’s shit was. He got on all fours and crawled forward, reaching for the waistband. Roger grabbed Big Jim’s underwear and pulled back on the waistband. He was immediately assaulted with a dreadful stink, like stepping on a rotten egg and exposing the stench around the room. Roger took a few deep breaths before he stuck his right hand inside and fished out a glob of the mess. He pulled it out and stared, looking at the dark brown shit that was soft like clay and very warm. He sniffed the waste, letting the stench overwhelm him, overwhelm his lungs. He opened his mouth and bit into the sludge, and his taste buds were instantly smothered with an abhorrent flavor. He couldn’t tell what it tasted like. He couldn’t describe it. It was mushy and went down his throat with ease, but the second after he swallowed, he gagged. And yet, he put more inside his mouth. He chewed, swallowed, chewed and swallowed. And then it was all gone. There was nothing left but his grimy hand.

“Dig deeper, boy. You only got the fudge! The rest of the sundae is down there!”

“I…I’m not sure if I can finish…”

Big Jim laughed. “Remember what I told you: you can stop as soon as you find the two cherries. Until then, you’re not gonna stop eating your sundae! Are we clear, boy?!”

Roger nodded and exhaled. “Y-yes…yes, sir.”

He’d have to tough it out. That was the only way. Roger didn’t like the flavor. It tasted as bad as it smelled. He already knew his breath smelled horrible and that the stench would still remain even if he brushed his teeth. But Big Jim’s shit was so addicting. Even now, Roger was sticking both hands into the soiled briefs, taking out small globs of shit. He stared at the one in his left hand, sniffed, and then gobbled it down whole, chewing and slurping like a voracious animal. The second after Roger swallowed, his stomach churned and he retched. The man told himself to stop; he shut his eyes and gulped audibly, swallowing the bile moving up his throat. He looked at the shit in his right hand and ate that in big gulps, but very slowly. Roger closed his eyes and swallowed hard, telling himself to relax. He stuck his hands deeper into the sundae and pulled out two more globs. Only this time, one glob had a slightly sweet odor to it. Roger bit into that glob first, and was rewarded with the taste of marshmallows and bananas. The two ingredients mixed in with the fudge nicely; Roger managed to down the whole glob in under a minute. He struggled with the second glob, in large part because he found something hard and pointed within. Roger chewed on the object and tasted something tart, with a tiny object in the center. Roger spat on the bed, and laughed.

“Hey…I-I found one, sir!”

Big Jim growled and wiggled his toes. “Good boy. Here, let me help you out…”

Big Jim turned around so he was facing Roger. Then he dug into his underwear, pulled out a glob of excrement, and held it in front of his face. Roger was amazed at how much shit he managed to get into his hand. Big Jim’s hands were much beefier than Roger’s, so he ended up pulling out a chunk of shit nearly three times the size of the one Roger had. Big Jim opened his mouth and started to devour the shit with ease. He slurped and chewed, acting as if the defecation was a pile of brown-colored mashed potatoes. No wonder his breath stank so much; Roger figured he ate his shit on a daily basis. Big Jim swallowed hard twice before he dug into his underwear again and pulled out more shit. Only this time, he smashed it against his other hand. The obese man moaned and growled as he started to rub his fat belly. The pudge gurgled and groaned as clumps of rancid waste was smeared against the sweaty, smooth ball of fat. Roger could feel himself getting hard again, longing to lick the man’s body clean. Big Jim farted and pushed out another scoop of fudge into his underwear with a soft squish. He exhaled and started to lick his fingers clean. Grinning, Big Jim crawled over towards Roger, shoved him down so he was on top of him, and lowered his head to kiss him. Roger’s eyes grew wide as he kissed the man. He could taste all the shit in his mouth; Big Jim was drooling as well. Whenever Big Jim took his mouth away, he would belch or exhale, forcing the man to smell his breath. He rubbed his messy stomach against Roger’s body, smearing his clean clothes with the brown muck that Roger knew would take forever to get out.

And then Big Jim pulled his mouth away with a satisfying slurp, with a strand of drool hanging from his lip. The man licked his lips clean before he breathed heavily and started to giggle.

“Heh…think I just ate the other cherry.”

Roger exhaled. “Damn. I was just starting to have fun too.”

Big Jim moved backwards and watched as Roger rolled off the bed, his clothes covered in shit and his pants stained with jizz. Big Jim sat down on the bed and grinned when he heard his stomach rumble.

“Stay put, boy! I ain’t done yet!”

Roger frowned. “What?”

“Seems like my bowels really aren’t agreeing with me today! I’m willing to throw in a second bowl of my sundae if you’re willing to pay double the price!”

Roger scratched his chin. “I…I-I probably shouldn’t. I-I don’t want–”

“And,” said Big Jim, interrupting him. “I’ll let you suck on my big black cock, let you wash it all down with some milk! Hehe, and if you manage to eat all of my sundae, why…I may just let you spend the night. Or let you play with my feet. It’s up to you.”

Roger blinked. He stared at the messy man as he wiggled his toes. He listened to Big Jim as he farted deeply into the mattress, leaving more stains on his underwear. He sniffed the air, taking note of how malodorous, yet delightful the hot room was. Big Jim saw Roger staring, so he lowered his underwear far enough to pull out his cock. The large organ flopped out, covered in shit and still sticky with semen.

“What’s it gonna be, boy?”

Roger grinned. He walked over to Big Jim and crawled onto his bed again, ready for seconds.

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