Changing ABDL/Pooping landscape

Hey, y’all! So, with tumblr possibly imploding later this week, and a lot of our community still wandering around the internet, I just wanted to update everyone on what I’m doing. There’s an ABDL instance on mastodon, where my handle is StinkyDiapers. It’s a new thing that was recently made for ABDLs. I’m also on this vid as pantsareforpoop, and still manning my tumblr (for now) by the name of pantsareforpoop, as well.

I would love for everyone from tumblr to come back here! But I’m not seeing it happen at the moment ?. Anyways, if you have other ABDL/wetting/meaning friends leaving tumblr, tell ’em to come to PPL or try out the mastodon abdl instance!
Stay stinky

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  1. yeah, im feeling very tired of having to chase around looking for new communities and i feel like the landscape is gonna get even more barren with recently passed laws coming into effect soon (which is what led to tumblr and facebook cracking down)

    i’d love to find a place where i can keep talking to other pants poopers and such that isnt so ageplay or scat based. it’s been hard and only getting harder feeling very isolated.

    hopefully when the forums return here things might pick up again, but it’ll still be hard since alexa ravaged this place’s reputation so bad i doubt it’ll ever fully recover

  2. Btw mastadon is a site for true ABDLs and they prefer it to be a scat/piss video free zone to allow the true ABDLs a place to be themselves and be safe at the same time so I please ask you to give them the respect they deserve and keep this sort of thing seperate from their website.
    Many thanks 😊

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