Cauliflower, junk food and fruit

When I went to bed last night I knew that in the morning would be making a really big mess in my diaper. I ate a lot of junk food yesterday, along with a bunch of fruit and vegetables and a whole head of boiled cauliflower, which normally results in a big mess the day after. I decided to put on a cuddlz diaper with a fleecy footed pjs over my diaper. I chose the cuddlz diaper because they are not too thick and show poo bulges really nicely and I just love the pattern on them. The only problem is that they are not as wide between the legs as the bambino diapers that I normally wear. But I just shrugged it off thinking it would be fine the next day.

I woke up this morning feeling a little full but I didn’t need to poo just yet so I just carried on lying in bed thinking about what I was going to do today. My diaper was still dry and felt really nice between my legs. When I moved over in bed I could still smell the baby powder that I put on last night and just laid there enjoying the feel of the diaper between my legs and the softness of the pjs against my skin.

I decided to get up and check my phone messages. All of a sudden I got a sharp cramp and I could feel my poo wanting to force it’s way out into my diaper. I crouched down and gave a soft push and my poo came out so fast and without any effort, making that tell tale soft crackling noise. It didn’t sound extremely messy or gassy as it was coming out but you could definitely tell by the sound that it wasn’t a firm mess either. It started out semi firm and quickly got softer. I could feel it making a big, warm bulge in the seat of my diaper and working it’s way forward to the front of my diaper right under my pussy. What a relief! It just kept coming and coming. It felt so good to relax and let it all out into my diaper and feel it bulging my diaper out and making it sag with the weight. When I finally finished it felt like a pretty decent size. I stood up and put my hand on the back of my diaper and felt my poo bulge. It felt like it was maybe the size of a grapefruit. I could smell my mess right away. It was really bad. I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay in it too long or I could risk getting caught by my parents if they came down to the basement unexpected. When I was done loading my diaper, I sat down on the toilet seat and squished that messy load around in my diaper, making a big mess. I could feel all my poo going up my crack almost to the top of the diaper and up the front as well, covering my pussy with a nice, thick layer of warm poo. It felt amazing! I just couldn’t believe how much poo was in my diaper when I sat down in it. It was a very soft load and nice and warm too. It felt like I filled my diaper with a big load of mashed potatoes. Very stinky mashed potatoes LOL! I got up and realized there was shit already leaking out the sides of my diaper, onto the toilet seat. Normally this doesn’t happen. Even though the cuddlz diapers are not as wide between the legs as the bambinos I have never had one leak before. I knew I had one hell of a mess in my diaper already and I wasn’t sure how much more this diaper could take. Or how much longer I could stay in it. As I was thinking about whether or not to change my diaper right away, my stomach cramped again and gurgled lightly. I had to go again! Damn, I must’ve been really full of shit! Once again I crouched down and barely had to push. My poo came out so easy and was a little bit softer than my first load. I could feel my diaper expanding even more and getting heavier. And with a soft crackling noise, my poo was going into any available space that was left in my diaper. I was a little worried, thinking my diaper was going to leak again for sure. But it didn’t. I didn’t dare sit down in it again. I reached around and felt the back of my diaper. I could feel it bulge out again and it felt so warm to the touch. I was amazed at how much poo was coming out of me today. I know I normally make really big messes, but this has got to be the biggest mess I made in a while. I decided to take a few more pictures of me in this messy diaper before changing. But as I went to take more pictures my stomach gurgled loudly and I got that tell tale full feeling in my gut between my hip bones and then the cramping and pressure on my left side. Seriously? Are you kidding me? I had to go again! My stomach must’ve been really upset with all the junk food I ate yesterday. Without even crouching down I just stood there and relaxed. I didn’t even have to push this time. I just exploded in my diaper. My shit came out really fast and loudly. It felt amazing, almost like thick, hot gravy filling up my diaper and mostly staying between my legs, not really going up my back or front this time. I guess there wasn’t much space left for all my shit to go. I couldn’t believe how bad I had to go even after letting two loads go just before this. This load sounded really messy too, and extremely gassy. You could tell just by the sound it was making as it was coming out, that it was a really runny load. This load was about the same consistency as gravy. When i was done filling my diaper, I felt really relieved. It felt great to get rid of all that. I really wanted to sit down in my dirty diaper and squish that big mess all around but I knew what would happen if I did. I really didn’t want to make a big mess all over the place. I was really starting to stink as it is and I knew I had to get out of this diaper really soon. I took a few more pictures and then very carefully and slowly laid down on the towel I laid out on the bathroom floor so I could get changed.

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  1. This is wonderful story, thanks for sharing! I hope you post those photos, I’d love to see how much you did in it!

  2. Oh what a hot and sexy report… This is one of the most incredible I´ve ever read… Thanks a lot for posting and for this really nice pictorial description ;))

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  4. this is a great story… i only wish there was a video of it. a truly epic diaper poo.

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