Caught Short

Once again, I had the house to myself for the weekend, with only the dogs to keep me company.

It was later in the afternoon that I prepared to take the dogs for their evening walk, but I felt that I needed to do a poo before setting off round the property. The dogs were eager to get going, so, against my better judgment, I decided to start off. It would only take me half an hour or so and I figured that I could hold on for that time..
After about five minutes, I realized that I may have made a bad choice, for I could feel the pressure building up in my bowels and I tried to ignore the fact that nature had to take its course. Soon, I knew that I was in trouble when the first load poked its head out of my rectum and slowly emerged towards the back of my pants which tented out as the load grew in size. After it had come out, I felt the bulk of it slide down into the lower portion of my pants and settled down below my scrotum and between my legs. With each step, I could feel it swinging around and I must admit that I rather enjoyed the feeling.
My bowels were still telling me that there was more to come and by that time I was half way round the property. As my pants were already soiled, I decided to push the rest of the load out and as I pushed, my pants were greeted with an equally large load which was a bit softer and which spread out in all directions within the confines of the pants. The soft poo did not take too long to join the first load in the bottom of my pants and I could sense its lubricating qualities against my inner legs.
I was getting a bit concerned that my outer shorts could become soiled through leakage and removed them for safe keeping. It is well that I did, for the soft poo had found an escape through my leg band and had started to smear my inner thigh. 
The dogs, with their powerful sense of smell soon detected its source and they came up behind me, poking me with their noses.
I was now within sight of the house and was quite enjoying the poopy state of my underwear and my hand frequently fondled the squishy load and pushed it into some of the unsoiled parts, including the frontal parts of my pants. 
Before reaching the house, I saw that a recent wind storm had caused a small tree to fall and its branches held the main trunk off the ground. A wicked thought came upon me to straddle the trunk of the tree and I put one foot over and sat down on the trunk. I could fell the poo squish up to the waistband of the pants and towards the front where my penis became surrounded with the soft poo. I worked my butt backwards and forwards to joy in the feeling of a total mess.
Having arrived back at the house in a shocking state, I stood outside the back door with a roll of toilet paper, removed my soiled pants and cleaned up most of the mess. 
I dumped all the paper into the toilet and flushed away most of the poo before stepping
into the shower. As most of the poo had now been sorted out, the clean-up was not too difficult, in fact the action of soaping the stained areas was another joy as I spent a long time soaping and massaging the affected areas.
It was then, that I realized that I did not need to use the toilet after all.

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