Caught Short

Hi i am a gay lad living in Blackpool as the title suggests. Today i was out collecting catalogs from stragglers as i call them. Anyway i decided for a change i would cut through Stanley Park which is a big park on the outskirts of Blackpool and as far as i know pretty well known. As i entered the park i saw the usual medium / elderly aged people walking their dogs.Anyway i decided to cut through the gardens which leads on to a lake into a wooded area.As i was walking towards this i saw a young lad cute, wearing grey Adidas Bottoms and a matching top.He was walking hurriedly towards the wooded area.On a hunch and because he was cute i followed discreetly as i guessed he needed the toilet probably for a piss.Anyway he continued to walk deeper into the bushes.Suddenly he stopped he looked around and stood against the tree and sure enough he got his weener out and started to pee.It was a long pee and i could see and hear his stream pouring onto the ground.I was hiding behind a tree so he could not see me.Anyway he stopped peeing and put his weener away.Then to my surprise he turned around, yanked his jog pants followed by his Calvin Klein underwear exposing his cute arse. I could see that his boxers were already stained with shit so he had obviously be turtling. He quickly squatted and farted quickly followed by a load of sloppey shit that reminded me a bit of chocolate ice cream. He carried on shitting for about 2 minutes.Then he produced some tissues and wiped his shittey arse. He used several tissues as his arse was seriously shittey. Then he stepped out of his Nike Air trainers and removed his boxer shorts and jog pants.He threw his boxers on to the ground, put on his jog pants and trainers back on.He then headed of in direction of the lake now obviously going commando as he had no boxers on.I walked up to his steaming pile of shit and saw the Calvin Klein boxers lying on the floor.They had a massive shit stain in them with a piece of sweetcorn lying with the skidmark. So i was right obviously the poor lad was caught short and touching cloth and nearly in the process of shitting himself.
Anyway it was a great sight and very rare especially in the UK at this time of year.

This is a story I found and felt compelled it would be well received by this audience.


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  2. I don’t think I was that boy …. but this something I was forced to do a few times …… and now I do it for pleasure on my runs in the countryside. Thanks for the story SC … if u need to see it again, I will take my iphone on one of my cross country runs.

  3. Hi SC … I cam from home … but not sorted mobile camming yet. I assume it would be through Skype or similar program.

  4. It’s rare to catch a guy dumping outdoors and great when it happens. Only place I’ve seen it happen is at a naturist (nude) beach I sometimes go to. The toilets are a long way away (20 mins walk) and sometimes guys (and a few girls and even dads with kids) will go back into the area where there are trees, and take a dump. I’ve done it twice myself and was spotted from a distance by a woman, as I was leaning my bum against a tree and unloading. She seemed not to care though. Maybe she was looking for a plce to go also.

  5. or turned on by seeing you southcoastlad 🙂

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