Caught Out

So I was about 15… I had some woodland and a river near my house and I used to go to the road underpass there and piss and poo in my pants, or go to the banks of the river and do it. It was hot because it was sort of public but not too public!!

One time I had been at home all day on my own and hadn’t been to the loo for the whole time. So I thought I would put some briefs on (which I had bought for wetting and pooping purposes) and walk down to the under-pass/river to have some fun.

So i was bursting, front and back, and so made my way along the path while trying hold it in. I climbed over the fence (very hard to do when you are trying to keep poop in) and made my way down the steps to the underpass. I turned the corner and there were two guys there already… just smoking and chatting. I was really surprised as I had never seen anyone there before.

So i causally walked past as if I was just walking along the river. I was really bursting for a pee, but my need to shit was much greater.. i didn’t really know what to do! So I doubled back and decided to go home and just do it in the bath or something.

I hadn’t anticipated how much I needed to go. tbh I had been loosening my grip once i was over the fence so the guys there had deffo caught me out. And as i was walking home i feelt some movement. I had planned to take my jeans off and just do it in pants in the woods but then I had a change of heart… Mum would be out for ages anyway;)

So i risked it, on the way back to my estate I let go. I had to stop to get it started, The poo pushed out slowly but surely into my briefs stretching them out so they stuck out the back of my jeans. Naturally, pushing a bit for poo meant that piss had started and the front of my jeans were getting darker and darker and i could see the piss trickling out the legs.

So i waddled back with my bulging briefs full of poo and a hard on, and my wet jeans sticking to me.. I managed to get back into the house without being seen..

It was uber hot though and got me more into public/more risky stuff 🙂

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