caught out in more ways than one

Caught out in more ways than one

It was one of those mornings. I woke up dying for a piss but couldn’t be bothered to get up. My wife shouted up the stairs to come move my car off the drive so she could drive her car to work. Ok I shouted.

I got up and pulled on my highly absorbent pissing pants with plastic pants on top, then my jeans and jumper. I was glad I had those pants on because when I bent down to put on my shoes, a great spurt of pee flooded my pants. Shoes on, car moved and wife out at work and my peeing predicament was making itself obvious again.

I had now decided that I was going to wonder around indoors until I had an accident in my jeans. It would be great fun and something I had often enjoyed in the past but hadn’t done for a while now.

I made breakfast of cereal, juice and a coffee. All the while I was sat at the table eating and drinking, the pain in my bladder got worse and worse. I was having to jiggle my legs. First one then the other, then both together. This reminded me of a time when I was overseeing a school boy Chess match at a local community hall. I recall this young lad of about 14 being very fidgety while he was playing his game of chess. This was a crucial game in the tournament and he was winning. I guess this was why he had not bothered to visit the toilet before. Anyway, he was doing the shifting from leg to leg, jiggling, putting one hand under his butt cheek and moving the chess pieces with the other. He was pulling his jacket tightly around him so that his crotch was not visible to others. With a flourish he completed a cheque mate and quickly got off his chair. As he did so he had an enormous pee in his pants which flooded the chair seat and left a trail of wee where he walked. He didn’t make his way to the bathroom straight away, instead deciding to sit next to a friend on another seat. It was then that I noticed drops of liquid falling off the back of the seat where he was sitting. He had obviously decided that as he was wet, he might as well be wetter. He looked a lot calmer after this.

By now the extra liquid I had drunk was having its effect on me and as I moved off my chair the pee started to flow into my underwear, just like that young lad I had seen all those years ago.

As I slowly walked into the kitchen I was trying desperately not to pee, then I let out an enormous fart and the pee started and I couldn’t stop it. I seemed to pee for ages and I could now feel a pool of piss in the bottom of my plastic pants. I made my way stiff legged to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror I could see that both legs of my jeans were soaking where the legs of the pants leaked.

I felt so horny, I just slid everything down to my ankles and was rubbing myself furiously, when in walked the wife. I hadn’t heard her return. She took one look at me, tutted and walked away just as I exploded the biggest cum ever.

It took a bit of explaining, but it wont stop me doing it again.



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