Caught By Parents.

Since I started pooping my pants many years ago, I always thought know one knew what I done in my pants. I like to stand in my room and let go and poop myself. I also like to stay in my messy pants as long as possible and piss myself as many times as possible making my shit softer and making me as messy as possible. I cant help it as soon as I feel the need to go I can’t help letting go and pooping myself it feels so great. The warm messy feling and the dirty smell feels so great. I know its a feeling I will never stop. The feeling of pooping and peeing myself feels to great I know its something I will never stop, The feeling of being totally wet and messy feels far to good to ever stop, I know I will never stop and look forward to many years of pooping and peeing myself, it just feels so good going toilet in my pants.

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  2. I know the feeling of loving the feel of my pants or diaper filling up with hot soft creamy poop! when i get the urge i always just let go in my pants or diaper,usually diapers since i wear diapers all time now.

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