Catty’s trashy diaper

It was Saturday, 7:00 am, but Catty had already been up for half an hour, listening to the sounds of the house as her family slowly woke up and began puttering around. She had already relieved herself once, a desperate jolt to the toilet, bathroom tile like ice on the bottom of her feet, and filled up her water bottle at the sink. She drank it down, quietly watching the clock tick closer to 7:30, and curled up to help relieve her stomach cramps.

7:45- another tip toe to the bathroom and return with a full water bottle. In the living room, the TV clicked on and she heard muffled cartoon voices and the clink clink of silverware on plates. Her bladder protested as she stretched out to a more comfortable position.

8:12- Time to get up and start the day. Catty meandered towards the bath giving a short kiss to her boyfriend as she passed him and shut the door. The steady trickle of water into the sink and bottle made her desire nothing more than to sit on the toilet and produce a trickle (more like a waterfall at this point if her bladder was any indication) herself. She refrained and flushed the toilet, washed her face and teeth, and pretended that her excited shivering was just the cold.

8:45- “Will he ever leave?!” Catty grumbled to herself as her boyfriend clicked on yet another video.

“Hey babe, what do you have planned for today?” she casually asked, leaning forward over the couch. Her boyfriend shrugged.

“Need to get some yard work done, maybe an oil change, was thinking about going to the bank or something…”

“If you’re going to the bank you should probably get going. There’s going to be a ton of people there at this time.” Her boyfriend shrugged.

“Don’t really feel like getting up yet,” he explained as Catty (and her bladder) silently shrieked in her head.

She gave him her ‘unimpressed look number 3.’ He winced, checked the clock, and stood up, stretching his arms up and scratching at his belly.

“Fine, fine,” he said. “I’ll go. You coming?”

“Nah, I still got a lot to do here- haven’t even eaten breakfast yet.”

He chuckled. “I don’t know how you can sleep in so late,” he said. Catty practically pushed him out the door, smiling sweetly, and laid a gently kiss on his lips.

“I put the coupon for the oil change in your cup holder.”

“That’s all the way in the next town,” her boyfriend complained, then shut up at the look she gave him (exasperated look number 2). “I get it- $20 cheaper than any here.”

“Have fun!” Catty said, closing the screen door and shivering at the breeze it generated. Her boyfriend waved and got into his truck. She closed the front door and stood there, hunched, and listened as the truck revved a few times. There was the sound of crunching tires on gravel and Catty could not stop herself from letting out an excited whoop! At least the next 4 hours were hers and hers alone, and she had plans!

Dancing as much as her full bladder would allow, Catty whisked out her first Item of Excitement, a white trashbag, and pulled a roll of clear packing tape from her desk drawer, along with a pair of scissors and a spare grocery bag. She darted to the bedroom and tossed her bottoms off in record time.

Holding the bag to her waist, she carefully measured and snipped the corners of the bag off, until she could slip her legs into the holes and pull them up. She grabbed the packing tape and taped along the “crotch area” she had created for enforcement, then pulled the bag up again and taped around the outside the leg holes. She let the bag fall naturally downwards, held up by the thigh tape, and taped the inside of the bag to her thighs. Pulling the bag up once more, she ran a final loop of tape again at her thighs. She moved her legs around a bit- it was light but definitely wouldn’t leak.

She triple taped the top of the diaper, both inside and out and stood in front of the floor length mirror. She had to admit that it looked a little funny. She allowed a small trickle of pee to escape, listening to the quiet splatter sound it made, and let loose a stronger flow.

The bottom of the bag diaper filled up quickly, sagging downwards, and she worried that she had put too much bag between her legs. Catty groaned in relief as she fully relaxed and the stream turned into a gush. The diaper began to fill up quickly, rising higher and higher until she could feel it, her pee hot and swirling, fully encasing her genitals. A fart rippled the water and she giggled at the sound and feeling it made, turning around and bending forward to see her ass in the mirror.

Her bladder cramped as she cut off the flow midstream, her body telling her that it wanted to continue to pee. A few drips made it out anyway as she bent forward, the bulk in her bag diaper shifting up to cover her stomach. Her ass felt cool as the bag was pressed against her cheeks and stuck there, clinging to the moisture left. Catty spread her legs further, adjusting the bag diaper until it was more taut, and pushed out a loud fart. The bag rippled and fluttered from the force of the air and clung more tightly to her skin as she spread her cheeks and pushed.

A small dark spot was forming on the bag, getting larger and more defined as it was forced to mold around the log of shit it was held against. Catty pushed and relaxed, watching as a large log stretched the bag. For a brief second she had a thought that it would continue to push out until the bag tore, but after several inches it tapered off and fell with a splash into the pool of pee below.

Catty stood back up, watching the log bob and float in her urine and let loose once again, grabbing the front of the diaper and holding it tight as she felt her pee flood out. The level rose, light yellow becoming more brown as the poop log loosened. She forced the pee out, humping her hand and watching the level in the bag rise and rise and rise AND RISE AND RISE until she came, shuddering and quaking, and rubbing the top of her stomach, smearing her pee up just a little further.

She stood up on shaking legs, and stumbled out to the hall, pee bag sloshing against her skin. She grabbed her old jeans from the floor where they landed, carefully moving so her bag didn’t tear. She slipped them on, hopping in place as she wiggled them up her thighs. She clasped the button closed in the front, some of the pee in the bag displacing over the top like a warm smelly muffin top and she zipped up, stepping in front of her mirror again to see.

It was her, old jeans a size too small and straining. She waddled back to the bathroom and climbed into the tub, snaking a hand past the too tight waist band and reached towards her crotch, wondering if the hot slippery feeling was her arousal or the pee. Catty grabbed the plastic bag in her fingers and jerked up. It slipped out and she reached in again, squeezing her thighs in anticipation. She clasped the bag between her nails this time and split the plastic.

A gush of hot pee poured out and quickly snaked downwards, staining her jeans a golden brown. Catty moaned and squeezed her thighs, the hot piss draining down her legs and pooling at her feet. She ran her fingers down her front, forcing all the pee into her jeans and sat down in the puddle, rocking back and forth, grinding her clit against the rough seam as she came a second time.

She sat there, satisfied, and enjoyed the feeling until the warmth was leeched from her piss and left her feeling cold and clammy. She stripped, squeezing out as much moisture as she could and unwound the tape from her stomach and thighs, slipping the bundle into the grocery bag and tying it up. A quick clean up, shower, and dressing, and Catty dumped the bag into the dumpster to be picked up later, feeling happy and relaxed, and couldn’t wait until her next alone time.

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