Catch Phrase

I need to start expanding my wetting vids into more entertaining content.  I need help coming up with a catch phrase I say after I wet myself on purpose or accident.  Please post your suggestions.  Whoever has the best one will not only get a private cam show, but also I will use that catch phrase from now on.   Remember no scat content for the private vid, so remember that. 

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  1. * Better out than in.
    * Houston, I have a problem
    * It seemed like a good idea at the time.
    * For some reason, it doesn’t hurt down there anymore.
    * It might be a little hard explaining this one.
    * Everybody knows I matriculated myself as a senior in high school.
    * It should be obvious now, that I am a man, because it is physically impossible for a woman to make a wet spot shaped like that.
    * Whooops
    * <Steve Urkel voice> Did I do that?!?!
    * Whoa, that might be noticeable.
    * I spilled a little bit of my martini on my pants.

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