Casino Pooping

I Poop My Pants On Purpose
Casino Pooping
By: Me
Written on May 16th, 2011
Hi friends,
I have been driving home from Huntington Beach in California this weekend.I left on Saturday lunch time after getting my dad home from hospital on Friday afternood and getting him settled at home.I had arranged with his female friend to come in and care for him when i had gone,si he would not need to move too much with his painful back.I got everything packed in my mini and left heading north on I-5 then I-15 about 12.30pm after checking my emails etc.I had called ahead and booked a room at Hooters casino hotel in Las Vegas just for the one night to break up my journey.I had not pooped for a few days,since my beach pooping which is posted on EP,so I was expecting to be ready to poop by the time I got to Las Vegas.I ate a good lunch before leaving then stopped for a snack at a gas station on the way about 3pm and stretche my legs.During my stop I popped a couple of laxative pills which should work on me after about 4 to hours normally,so that should allow me to get into my hotel first rather than arrive messy and smelly if I pooped during my drive.I had a good drive and arrived at the hotel,about a bock from the strip in Vegas about 6.30pm and booked in,parked the car and got my bags into the room.I lay down and rested for a half hour to unwind from the rive,then decided to go out and have a nice meal.I left the car and walked looking at the bright lights and found a nice restaurant which did not seem too expensive.The menu was mainly Italian,so settled for meatballs and spaghetti,washed down with a nice red wine since I would not be driving that night,I had the whole bottle all to myself.

By the time I had eaten my meal I was beginning to feel slight rumblings from my insides,but nothing too urgent yet,plenty of time.I wandered along the strip for a while then headed back to my hotel feeling nicely mellow after the meal and wine.It was still early,
too early to go to bed yet,so I decided to play the big spender for a while and found my way to the casino part of the hotel.I am not a big gambler and hate to waste my money,so I looked round first to see what there was available.I found some slot machines that took quarters,where there were lots of folks sitting feeding them,and decided that they would do for me as I could have some fun without losing too much money.My rumblings were becoming more pronounced now and I knew that i would not be playing the machines for too long anyway before my bowels started to dictate my actions for the rest of the evening.

I had worn my pink capri pants for driving,andI knew that they would show too much if I pooped in them,so I went up to my room and got changed into something more suitable.I got out my knee length loose fitting skirt which was dark blue and would not show much if it got dirty,and changed into that,with a cream colored shirt top haging loose outside the skirt.I felt the time was getting close so I hurried down to the casino again anf got right onto oneof the cheap one arm bandits with my load of quarters,and began to play.I was quite surprised to actually win several times,though I did put most of it back into the slot again as you do with these things.However my pile of money was not going away too fast,and I was enjoying myself while I waited to enjoy myself more.My bowels were beginning to complain more and I knew that it would happen soon.

As soon as I felt that the time was very close,I eased off the stool a bit and pulled my skirt at the back so that it fell down behind the stool and I was just sitting on it with my panties not on the skirt.My butt was beginning to feel slight movement,so I just relaxed a little as I played and allowed only a small ammount to escape into my panties while I moved my butt on the stool spreading it gently each time,then I would allow a little more to come out and spread it as well.I am sure that anyone watching,if they were,would just think I was excited at winning a few times.There was nobody right beside me,so that was good,I gradually allowed mor and more poop to come into my panties until finally it was all in them and spread well over my read end,up the back and up the front too,making me feel quite pleased with myself.I was just wondering when t leave when I was surprised by the machine rattling out a whole load of quarters for me,as if it was having diarrhoea,he he.I took that to be my signal to collect my money and head for my room.I scooped all he quarters into my bucket and gracefully rose off the stool,carrying my bucket of money and made my way to my room.I could change them for paper money in the morning before I left.I was able to wak normally to my room feelig the soft poop squidging gently around in my panties with my butt covered by my skirt so nobody could see my lovely poop covered panties.Once I got in the room I jumped into the shower and had a nice hot wash and got the poop out of my panties,washing them in the sink with soap and wrapping them in a plastic bag for the journey home on Sunday.I was feeling really satisfied at the end of the day and got into my nice queen sized bed to watch TV until I fell asleep.

I woke up on Sunday morning about 9am feeling great and refreshed ready for the next 6 hour drive home,after a lovely breakfast of sausage,eggs bacon hash browns and fried mushrooms.Mushrooms fried for breakfast usually means a nice soft poop later in the day.Happy pooping!!!!!!!!!

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  1. mmmmmm I wish I could have been on the next bandit t you Debbie. The stool must have smelled so nice when you got off it.

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