Case from childhood, poop in the bushes 2

When I was in school, my parents had friends who we sometimes visited on weekends. They had a daughter who was a couple of years older than me, and we used to play in their garden, which was next to the house. The garden was quite large, and we always went to the very depths of this garden, where there were large Apple trees and many bushes with berries. I enjoyed it. Of course, we had to go to the toilet during the day. I remember the very first time I needed to go poop, I told a friend I needed to go to the house. To which she replied that she never goes home to poop when walking in the garden and that you can do it right here and there will be no problems, offering to do it together. She said she might not be able to poop right now, but she could definitely pee. We chose a comfortable spot near the bushes, pulled up my dress and pulled my panties down to my knees, I remember that first I let out a good stream of urine, and my friend did the same. I saw her strain to poop. My poop didn’t take long and immediately started coming out of my ass one by one. The poop was soft, and it was very easy to poop. The friend smiled and said she could do it now, and was relieved to squeeze a not-too-large poop onto the grass. We started laughing. Then I saw a snake-like Poo pop out from under her ass. She breathed a sigh of relief, then stood up and pulled on her panties. I asked her about wiping, but she just grinned. I wanted to dry myself with the leaves of the shrub, but I just pulled on my panties and adjusted my dress. Two piles of poop lay on the grass. I remember my poop was a darker color and the pile was almost twice as big. Later, on other days, we went to the bathroom together again. We often sat down to pee, but sometimes we also pooped.

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  1. Love the story! Thanks! 😀 Of course it reminds me of my own childhood and youth, when I also peed and pooped outdoors frequently, alone or (often) with a friend. And still do! 😉
    Your story is certainly an inspiration to tell more about my experiences.

  2. Great memory.

    When I was about the same age the girl that lived across the street came over and asked me if I wanted to go exploring with her. She had never even spoken to me before that, so it was quite a surprise. There was no way I was going to miss the opportunity, so I agreed and went with her. After that we did the same thing most afternoons and she was always reluctant to go home. We were the same age, but she was much more advanced than me and was always suggesting things we could do. Some of them were watching each other pee and poop, doing it in our underwear and exploring in the nude. We did a lot more than that, so I was always excited to get home from school and meat her.

  3. I had similar experiences pooping and peeing with other girls my age in school. Wish I could find some more friends to play with these days 🙁

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