carpark lady

just going back to my car from shopping , I had parked close to a wall on the one side and there was a wall to the rear . as I walk to my door I see this lady crotched down at the side of car , she was moaning a little like she was in pain ,then she saw me and started to iam desperate I needed a toilet but couldn’t make it back to public ones , I said things happen can I help in any way , she said I don’t know but guess I could just do it all here if you didn’t mind , I said go ahead do mind if I watch I like watch people go , really she said do you watch many ,no don’t get chance but you could be my first for long time . well here hold my coat she said and took it off and gave it me I open the car and put it inside I said if it helps why don’t you sit in the car like with your ass over hanging the door sill and the door will block the view at the same time . wow she said it would help , so she moved into position resting across the sill, here goes she said with a moan of relief I stood and watched and she gushed outa strong flow o pee flooding the floor below with steamy vapour from the hot pee. she grunted and broke wind then I saw her anus start to open and the end of a turd pushing its way out her anus ring stretch as it did , it creeped out then hit the floor must been 6 inches long about nearly 2 inches thick then followed a load of softer shit landing on top of it she sighed with relief god that’s better she said. I got some toilet roll in the car and offered it to her but asked her if I could wipe her . wow she said never had that done before but if you want to ok. I ripped some paper off the roll and wiped it for her, had to do a few times with more bits of roll then helped her get up so she could pull pants up and get sorted , she turn and looked at what she had just done and said theres a fair load there ,I said yeah I take a pic and put on web site poopeelife people will love to see it she laughed well thanks for your help , I said don’t mention it I enjoyed , you did well you could watch me agin if you wwant but do somewhere more private next time if you want . I said cool heres my number just call when you want me come and watch maybe could she a few more other things too , she laughed your very kinky but yeah why not and with and said goodbye until the next time .

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  1. That’s like hitting the damm lottery !! good on you and where’s this parking lot at, I want front row seats !!!

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