Carol & Amy

Amy was banging on Carols door, hurry open the door I have to go, I can’t hold it no longer.Carol waited
awhile hoping Amy would have an accident. Amy was 52, short and stocky. Carol is 50, thin and petite.
The banging got louder Carol could hear Amy starting to sob. Finally Carol opened the door and immediate
could smell shit from Amy’s farts. Amy had on a summer dress and stood still fighting the urge, the bathroom
was upstairs. Carol had on her white panties and bra. Amy started crying saying she wasn’t going to make it
Carol got near to comfort her and heard another fart, the smell drove her crazy. She hugged Amy close
telling her it was okay, as she had accidents before. Suddenly she heard the sound of pee dripping on the floor
she touch the front of Amy dress which was all wet, while suddenly feeling the need to go herself. She told
Amy it was okay as she had to go also. Amy hugged her tightly and Carol suddenly heard the sound of her bowels filling her panties as Amy continued crying and shaking. Oh Carol I can’t believe I shit myself in front
of you, I’m so embarrassed, Carol told her it was alright as Amy let more shit into her panties, Carol couldn’t
believe what she was seeing, she love the smell and was getting aroused. She reached behind Amy lifting
her dress and felt the loaded panties and brought her fingers to her nose, the smell almost made her come.
Suddenly Carol let out a long fart, Amy lifted her head not believing what she heard. Carol said I was heading
to the bathroom when you knocked, I think I’ll do it right here and let another fart out as a little shit dropped
into her panties. Amy saw the front of Carols panties turn yellow as her pee ran down her legs. Carol reached
for Amy again as her shit started flowing into her panties, Amy was stunned but love the smell of all the shit
Carol was grunting as more shit filled her panties, Amy still had more to do and just let it go. her panties sagged to her knees, Carol was still shitting, as Amy ran her hand between her legs and with shit on her
fingers, brought them to her nose, before deciding to taste, as she did her body was wracked with a orgasm
like none before.

give way filling her panties

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  1. that is a awesome story, I enjoy making no. 2 in my underware too and mastermatering, It would be great to meet a girl who liked what I like, maybe someday, keep having fun

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