Car Journey

This is based on a true story…(names have been changed)
I have never worn a nappy/diaper outside before! I was really scared incase someone saw me wearing under my jeans.

So 1 day on our last day of holiday at Blackpool, (England, UK), I decided that I wanted to wear a nappy for the long car journey home, which was about 3 1/2 hours away!

I told daddy, what I wanted to do on the morning of leaving the cabin. After I had showered I had to sit around waiting for daddy to shower and get dressed, before he came into the bedroom, laid me on the bed, and proceeded to put a fresh talc nappy on me.

I was pretty scared at the thought of just walking out to the car all nappied up, but hey ho I managed!
I knew that half way through the journey we would be stopping at a service station, for some lunch….

Once we had set off, daddy was asking if I was still dry, to which I was, I find it kinda difficult sitting down, strapped into a seat to wet myself…he replied with “good girl”.
We talked on the way back home, listened to the radio, until we pulled into a service station…well my situation was about to change!

Daddy went to get a Burger King, whilst I went to get a magazine and some juice from the local service station shop, walking around the shop, I felt the urge to have a wee. OMG i had alarm bells ringing in my head, “what if”, “what if anyone saw”…I found what I was looking for, and joined the massive queue, I was scared in case someone brushed against my rear, and felt the padding…

Getting closer to the front, I am really desperate, daddy wasn’t beside me, I stood and crossed my legs, in the hope that the feeling would go away, but it didn’t! I was getting closer to the till point, when suddenly it was my turn! Fidgeting about for change in my purse, I released a very long wee into my dry nappy….

OMG I was actually wetting myself, for the 1st time ever outside, well inside a service station, with a large queue of people behind me…it actually felt surprisingly good. More to the point, I felt my face going red…redder than the packet of Walkers crisps that I was holding.

I quickly left the shop, and went and stood waiting for daddy to get served at BK. Eventually he arrived, I didn’t mention anything to him, I kept quiet.

Walking back to the car, I felt myself smiling hard, grinning! Daddy was looking over at me, grinned back…once in the car, I sat down, took off my jacket, and went ahead with the seat belt, daddy looked at me, and I looked at him…there was a moment of silence!

I started to talk and so did he..SNAP! He could tell, I think from the redness from my face as to what had happened…I told him, that as I was standing paying for my goods, I wet my nappy! Daddy smiled, and replied “good girl”. Just as well you were wearing it, or there would have been a big accident!

After he finished his food, we set off again..down the motorway, but things took a twist….

Driving along the road, I start to feel very turned on at the fact, back there to what had just happened!
I could feel my pussy tingling with delight!
I looked at daddy, with a cheeky grin on my face, he asked “what’s up”? I told him I was really horny, after wetting myself for the 1st time in public, on you go he says…PLAY!

My O my play on a busy motorway while he was driving….what was I thinking!
Positioning my jacket at the side, (incase of any high sided lorries), I slowly slipped a few fingers into my wet nappy, feeling it felt so good….daddy irrupted me “Aren’t you being daddies bad little girl”, I smirk back and continue to rub my clit, slighty moaning and the thought of being in the car, on a busy motorway, with a nappy on, whilst daddy sits focusing on the road!

I’m telling daddy how good it feels, how wet I am, and oh how I wished he could touch me!
I could see the bulge in daddies jeans, oh how I wanted to touch, to feel and taste….

Coming up for a certain part on the motorway with slow lorries, I pulled my hand out, “daddy is asking why I have stopped”…I don’t want to get seen….DUH!!!

Let’s make this more interesting! Daddy asked me to undo, the nappy tapes at one side, so after slipping my jeans down to my ankles, nappy tapes off I was exposed! (Still got my jacket close by in case of a quick cover up)…daddy could see my shaven pussy, ans smell the wee wee too!

Rub your clit for me he said “yes daddy”, rub it faster for me you bad little girl…yes daddy. Moaning out loud, I proceed to say how good it feels, how intense this actually is for me!

I so wanted to touch daddy, I really wanted too, I wanted to feel his cock through his trousers, feel how hard it was….

I was so so so close to cumin…I told daddy that I was going to explode….good girl good girl, cum for daddy he said!

At that moment I exploded, hot cum into my open nappy, arched back wow wow wow….that was totally ultimately amazing….

Daddy said to tape the nappy back up and make myself presentable…which I did.

I thought that would be the end of it….far from it!

Once back in the house, after getting all our bags in etc, I was told to go to the bedroom and wait….hmmm more playing yes pleaaaaaaaaase!
Nah, far from it, for teasing daddy, with my clit on the motorway, for cumin in the car, for everything else, I was made to bend over the bed, handcuffed, and ready for the pain to strike….I was getting spanked hard on my arse! OMG the pain, how horny it got me….soon it was all over…

Daddy lay on the bed, and I got my wish, I got to see and feel how hard daddy was….how good he tasted….I got to cum again, daddy came too!

I really wanted that day to never end.
So as I write this true story (1st one that I have ever written), I wanted MORE!


Unfortunately I don’t have a picture to go with this story…but I do have one, where I am about to get a spanking….I hope you enjoyed this true story, and I hope to produce many more true nappy outings soon.

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  1. HOT! Public fun is the best kind! I absolutely love pooping my pants in public with people around me. Best thing ever! I hope you continue with your public adventures.

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