Car Journey

Another Fun experince, I had a 7 hour car jouney back from devon today. So thought I would have some fun. Put the tena pull up on again. I left devon and two bottle of cokes which got things moving. I wet once while I was driving and then found a little layby with a shop so got another bottle of coke. Had another pee and the pull up was feeling quite fall. I carried on driving and needed some food and was getting desperate. I found a Mc Donalds and pulled in at this point I was very hungry and really needed a wee. So I went for food got my food and at the point I sat the flood gates opened. this time the pull up didn’t hold it all 🙁 so the back of my shorts where soaking. This kinda of back fired as just as I finished eating loads of kids turn up for a party. Lucky for me I was right by the door. However when I got up it was very obviuous. So I got up put my rubish in the bin and went to the car I had a dispoble bed pad so put down on the seat of the car. I was getting to southhampton and needed to a drink so found a layby to pull in. INstead of changing for another pull up I just changed into shorts dried my self off put fresh shorts and a jumper around me and then went into southampton services. Then somthing wierd happened. I got my latte and was reading my phone and all sudden my bladder opened and I starting wetting a my all ready soaked pull up. Needless to say it didnt help and there was a huge wet patch on the seat 🙁 which I didnt plan on. I finished the latte put my jumper round and quickily walked back to the car. got the pad back out and contiued on my way. I had to change a bit further as I kept peeing on the way back. Saved me pulling over. Then changed into fresh clothes and got home all clean. I got a photo of my accident

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