Car desperation

This is a true story when I was about six or seven.

I fell asleep in my aunties car while we were driving to her friends house.
She didn’t want to wake me up so she left me in the car while she went inside.
She lived in an area with lots of apartments.
When I woke up I didn’t know where I was or where my aunty was.
I started to get quick desperate to pee while in the car.
I decided to wait a little while to see if my aunty came back.
15 minutes passed and I was getting more desperate.
I looked outside and saw a garden and thought I would go pee in that.
But the gardeners were trimming the bushes and cleaning up and I couldn’t pee in it.
I sat in the car a little longer holding my crotch as I was so very desperate.
The gardeners then left and I could finally pee in the garden but the door was locked.
It was becoming hard to hold at this point and I was going to go any moment.
I grabbed my game boy to see if I could distract my self from my desperation. 
But a had to keep a hold off my crotch or it would all come out.
I tuned my game boy of and continued to hold on.
5 minutes passed and I was going to wet myself any moment now.
I was holding on so tight.
Then It became to much and I started pissing my briefs.
I felt the piss fill up my briefs and it just kept coming.
It started trickling down my legs and my track pants.
The trickle soon became a flood and my brief and track pants were soaked.
I started crying as I was so embarrassed.
I had a full on wetting accident.
I took of my track pants and my briefs were dark green instead of light green and soaking wet.
The car seat and the floor had puddles off piss on it but it felt so good and warm afterwards.
But it was the biggest accident I had ever had!

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  1. What did your Aunt say when she got back & saw you had pissed your pants?

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