Can't wait for the warm weather.

As I laid in bed this morning listening to the freezing rain and drizzle hit the window with its little beads of ice, I started thinking about the warmer weather, which is supposed to be here by now and my pissing and shitting walks and bike rides. This then got me thinking more about some of my past trips in the outdoors and one in particular that took place only a few years ago.

This one outing was actually in the early autumn and not spring time, but it was still warm enough to go out in a pair of sweat pants and a sweat shirt. I had planned this walk for a couple of days and had been saving up my poop for a good one. I had to go, but it wasn’t urgent enough, or so I thought, but enough to keep reminding me that I had to go at some point. For my Saturday afternoon walk, I put on a pair of well used and worn FTL tighty-whities. These were quite stained, and because I don’t wash them often, had some remains of a previous pants pooping session in them. They were quite stiff and dirty, and smelled a bit of dried piss and old dry poop. They felt so hot as I pulled them on, I could barely contain myself and I got really hard, really suddenly.

When things calmed down, I pulled up my sweat pants and went out for my afternoon walk. There are about 10km of trails up and around the lake and pond and up into the woods. There are usually a number of people walking their dogs, and I tend to avoid them. On this particular day I decided to head up the hill near the site of some old buildings instead of hanging on the water’s edge. The old house remains are only a few walls and cellar holes. The house and out buildings have been gone over a century now, having been torn down when the land owner donated the land for the city park back in the early 1900s.

By this time I had to go, no doubt about it. The walk to the park from my house had stirred things up a bit, the poop was working its way down, and I started to have that “you really gotta go” urge coming on. There wasn’t any cramping, just the poop pushing its way out into my underwear on its own. I stopped a couple of times to rest and adjust my package in the front while I pushed a little bit to relieve the pressure which pushed some shit out without effort. By now a small lump filled my ass cheeks and stuck to my underwear. I reached back to feel it and pushed it into my ass. BOINK! My cock stood up and I felt like I was going to explode. I readjusted things again and continued to walk to the old house site.

I finally got to the first building. This must’ve been the house and there was a set of steps. I sat on the stoop and pushed. I didn’t have to push hard and a huge log came out and tented my sweat pants almost without any effort.. I could really smell that awesome gassy, fart smell as well as the dried piss in my pants as that was freshened up by some new pee.

I stood up and adjusted things so the load wouldn’t drop out and started to walk. I walked over to a nearby wall  and peered over the edge. As I was looking down, I pushed more poop into my pants and then wet myself. Having dark sweat pants, black actually, meant no one would see my wetness should they come by. I could feel the warmth of the pee as it welled up and then ran down my legs. This made the poop sloppy and saggy, but it sure felt so hot. I pushed more in that standing position as I leaned forward, and added another bit on top of the now softened poop, filling that void made by the sagged load.

After a bit of poking around the old estate, I made my way down hill to the pond side. This is usually a place that is teaming with families as they swim in this mud hole of a pond. Being after the swimming season, the beach was closed and no one was around. I found a nice place to sit on near a rock and pushed more poop into my pants. The wetness and warmth in my pants was so hot, I could barely control myself by now. I reached my hand into my sweat pants and I wanked in them. I let the cum flow into my underwear and add to my already wet and messy state. I thought I was going to pass out from the moment, and not having the opportunity to do this for quite some time made the moment even more erotic! By this point my pants were totally soaked in the front. The odor was there and would hit my in waves. I just stayed in my mess and continued my messing until I no longer had to go.

With everything over, I had that glorious trip home – about 6 km as I climbed up and over the hill. Clean time was not kind and I ended up flushing a few times to get the load down. I rinsed out my underwear this time and put them on the heater to dry.

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    Check out my others. All true and I wish I was more risqué than I was back then… 😀

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