Can’t help it I need to grunt

I am really vocal when I shit. It’s involuntary. I’ve always been this way and never understood how people could poop WITHOUT making a noise. Some of this might stem from my lifelong problems with constipation. I travel a lot for work and this also messes with my bowels. I often won’t feel the urge to shit until a day or two, sometimes more, passes. Then, usually when I’m in an airport, or on some interstate highway, the urge hits me hard. It’s never when I’m back to my hotel room, or home. I usually need to find an empty stall in a row somewhere and just PUSH…without thinking about where I am and who might be listening. As far as Im concerned, once I’m on a toilet then I’m there for one purpose: shitting. My shits don’t usually come easy.

When the urge hits, I need to sit down and start pushing. Im never usually at the point of crowning when this happen. It always takes work. Once on the toilet, my hole reflexively starts to open, and then comes more waves of intense, involuntary urges to push with loud grunts. After a few of these pushing waves I’ll feel and hear a massive nob move. I have tunnel vision throughout this process. It’s hard to care about who hears me…I can barely talk.

I became more aware of this when I found myself in a situation shitting next to a coworker. We’re both young professionals in our mid-30s. Not only do we physically resemble each other, we apparently shit similarly.

After a week of eating the same meals at similar times, in a timezone we weren’t used to, we both couldn’t shit. I know it had been 3 days for me, and I was pretty sure it was the same for him as we shared a hotel room. We were on a tight schedule and had limited breaks. I never saw him enter stall at the conference facility–he never spent much time in the hotel bathroom either.

While on our way to the airport in a rental car we stopped for coffee. No urge for me at that point. It wasn’t until we we started to drive when the urge to poop hit me hard.

I said to my colleague, “I’m sorry can we pull over I really need to use the bathroom?” To my surprise he stated, “Me too. I was about to tell you the same thing”. Fortunately, there was a sign for a nearby rest stop.

As we approached the rest stop exit, my coworker silently farted. He couldn’t deny it because it smelled ripe. He owned it, “Sorry, my gut’s been messed up this whole trip”. We laughed. Then I said, “Same here. I haven’t felt the urge to shit until now”. He said, “it’s been like that for me too”, and, “I’m probably gonna need some time in there”.
Fortunately, we had plenty of time, and I was relieved he said that, as I can never shit in a hurry.

There was a row of 4 or 5 stalls. A couple were filthy. My colleague and I ended up in adjacent stalls with cement dividers. The one between us had a large hole and we could easily see each other. In the delay between him pulling down his pants and sitting on the toilet, I noticed he also had a full bush, and a small to modest flaccid cut penis.

We pretended as if we couldn’t see each other, but I’m sure he saw me too. As soon as I sat down a puff of air escaped my automatically dilating butthole, making a soft “pssshhhft” sound, in a typical pre-turd fart fashion. My coworker soon released a similar, hissy burst of air from his slowly widening rectum, followed by a reflexive “UNGh” and a long sigh.

We both laughed and he said, “this is a whole new level of bonding for us.”

As he said this, I felt my hole expanding more, followed by short intense stomach pains. I also felt the need to warn him. I struggled to say–as the wave to involuntarily bear down started to come on at full force–“Uhh… I can’t help it I ….need to grunt”, followed by an uncontrollable, “uNNgghhhHH” UNGGhhhGH”.

No movement. Though the urge to push passed.

My colleague didn’t respond. He didn’t need to because he seemed to be in the same place, based on his grimaced, reddening face. He let out a couple of “UnggGGHs” and “OH shit.”

I said, “You okay man”? I didn’t notice his response, as a powerful wave to push quickly hit me again, and soon I was in the I-CANT-TALK-NEED-TO-PUSH zone. I pushed. so. hard.


Followed by several other “UNnghHHs” and sighs.

My hole started to make hisses, squeaks and tapping sounds. I started to feel and hear the movement of the brown solid mass. Soon the massive nob was holding open my hole, which had started to gape prior to this. It both hurt and felt good.

In between hard pushing waves, I noticed my coworker’s slightly lifted ass and gaping asshole punctuated by a big brown plug. He was crowning too. I think he was intentionally lifting his ass to show me the emerging turd’s large mass size. He then said in between “UngghGghhs”, “HERE IT COMES”.

“You got this man”, I said.
Then I saw and heard his massive log KEERpluNNKK.

Then another hard push wave hit me. I reflexively pushed hard and let out a loud “UGHHH” again, followed by an involuntary, “Come on”. I didn’t care what he thought of me at that point. . My colleague said something like, “Come on man you can do it”. I said back without thinking,”Can’t… man..UHhh..pushing..uGHH!”.

The turd was out about 4-5 inches at this point before I clenched.


The splash back hit my gaping rectum. The other logs were right there and easily pushed out.
Another fat 4-5 incher, then a few 3 inchers. All made loud *PLOPS and *DUNKs.

My colleague was pretty much done, but commented again, “sounds like some major splash back”.

“Yeah, definitely. “

We wiped our asses and left the stalls at about the same time feeling emptier and relieved. Which seemed to offset the awkwardness of taking massive grunting dumps together.

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  1. That was awesome to read!

    You and I have similar experiences though I don’t think I’ve ever shit with a constipated friend. Wish I could do that some day though.

    But like you, I’m vocal when I shit, I grunt a lot and might say something like “come on” to myself and I breathe heavily. It’s just normal for me.

  2. Great story ! I’m not usually constipated, and I don’t grunt. But I do like to hold my shit sometimes for the pleasure of having to push hard to force out a big solid turd like yours 🙂 Like the thought of doing it as a duo like you and your coworker !

  3. I can’t help but to be vocal and grunt when I poop. I have ibs. When I have to shit I really have to shit. My eyes can barely focus to meet another’s gaze. I become engulfed in the feeling of desperation so fully that I can’t think of anything but using the bathroom while I’m speaking to another person. My tiny squirmy body becomes so uncomfortable yet at the same time I love to feel my shit sit inside my hole. Sometimes I like to hold it tho I get so desperate.
    I love shitting in public bathrooms where I don’t know anyone in another state, random town. I can’t help after all that desperation to release prepoo farts as I pull down my panties, generally thong. Have to have to pee and release before letting out a giant load. Vocally pushing and sounds of farts escaping as my tight hole while taking seemingly forever lasting turds. I don’t even have to do a ton of pushing ever my shits just come out like soft serve with a bit of pushing but there is always sound and I just can’t control it. I tend to always be on the nervous side because I take really massive shits.
    I feel soooo good when releasing a giant shit! Especially when it’s really thick and long. Ugh it hurts but it feels so good.

  4. Yes, it is absolutely necessary to take deep breaths and grunt. There is no way for a constipated guy to give birth silently. When I take a dump in a shopping centre, I often meet guys who spend longer time in the place, just to listen to the grunts of the othets. Once I saw a sporty guy at an urinal playing with his cock. I went into a cubicle to take a big shit, I waited some time inside…The guy didnt leave. So I started my pushing, grunting…session while I was sure he was listening and masturbating. It took time for me to push hard enough to make my asshole wide enough for possible birth. He enjoyed it. Then I slowly started to expell hard turds…it was audible when they were leaving my body and ended in the toilet. When I finished, I waited again, the guy didtn leave. So I left the stall, the guy was still there with his now giant cock in his hands looking at me. As i was leaving, he kept watching my buttocks in my tight jeans…he would definitely like to see my asshole after the birth and probably fuck me…I was embarrassed and left quickly

  5. Because I’m having trouble uploading stories, here is another one:

    When I left for the 4-day work training in Honolulu, I knew it would be awhile until my next dump. It never fails. A hotel conference room is like super glue for my bowels. On day 2 the urge to poop hit me right before the 9:30 break. I felt the familiar heaviness in my rectum and a slight cramping sensation below my stomach. I was hopeful at that point. I just finished a second cup of diluted coffee, a dry bran muffin, and started sipping on a tiny bottle of water. I was watching the time. My rectal area increasingly felt fuller. I could have announced to anyone I needed to poop at that point. When the break finally came, on my way to the last stall, the urge to go quickly faded. Nevertheless, I dropped trou, pointed my penis down, and voluntarily pushed. The vocal sound I made was involuntary, “UnGhh”. “Mmfft t tt t“ went my asshole.
    Nothing. My ass felt full, and I needed to piss really bad at that point. After another squeaky fart, a stream of piss began to flow from my penis slit. It was a long piss. No urge to push at that point. I left the stall feeling defeated. This scene played out for day 3 and 4. In between those days, episodes of cramping became more frequent and intense.

    Fortunately the training ended at noon. I had the rest of the weekend to enjoy Hawaii. I was hopeful that by dinner I would be able to lay some serious cable, and feel relief I desperately needed. I decided to spend the afternoon swimming in the ocean. I hoped some physical activity might stimulate my bowels enough to get things moving along. I changed out of my work clothes and into shorts. On my way to the beach, I grabbed a burger and a beer for lunch. No urge to shit at that point, though I felt incredibly full. When I finally arrived at the beach the urge suddenly hit me hard. I quickly headed to the public restroom with the exterior showers.

    The men’s restroom had a long metal trough urinal, a metal divider, and 3 metal toilets. There were no stalls. I had no choice. I needed to expel the knobby waste rope that had been increasing in mass over the past 4 days. I headed toward toilet number 3. Almost as soon as I walked in, a shaggy blonde dude in his mid or late 20s entered and headed to toilet number 1. As he approached toilet number 1 he said, “fuck” out loud, then he untied and dropped his shorts. I had just dropped my shorts when I took a few in and out breaths, and adjusted my ass to ensure my hole was aimed correctly.

    Ungghh..I pushed.

    “Pfftt ttt” went my butthole. I could feel the turd was ready to move at that point. Blonde dude grunted and released his pre-turd fart. It was more impressive sounding. I looked over at him without being too obvious. He was grimacing. He let out another fart. Meanwhile, I felt an intense involuntary urge to bear. Down. Hard.

    “UNGGHHHHh.” I could feel my asshole opening as the massive log started to move. With the opening of my hole, I heard some creaking and crackling. I continued to push. “Unnghh” ..

    “UGNNNH” said Blonde Dude. As he grunted, he started rocking back and forth. I knew he was having a hard time. That was me for the past 4 days.
    “Unnghhhh” I grunted. At last I was crowning. I was now intensely focused on expelling the cable. I reflexively grabbed and spread open my ass cheeks in an effort to make my asshole wider. The turd felt like it was going to split me in half if I didn’t do this. Without knowing why, I leaned forward and squatted slightly. This exposed my crowning asshole to Blonde Dude. He looked over and said, “damn dude”.

    I pushed harder than I ever have.
    “UNNggHHH” “Come on” UNGGH Unnggg”

    The dark brown tip continued to slowly exit my butthole.
    As I continued to push, an Asian dude in his 30s headed to toilet 2. He pretended not to notice me, the sounds I was making, and my growing brown tail. Then to my surprise, he took off his shorts and squatted on top of the toilet. Very soon after this he too had a thick brown tail which I managed to see very well.

    It took forever for the first unbroken coil to pass. My butthole clenched and reopened for the other logs. I finally felt empty. I wiped and headed to the ocean, feeling more buoyant.

  6. Wow, I poop the same way! Every 3 to 5 days! I grunt hard and have involuntary urges to push! I would love to go with you!

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